Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time Miracles

Hello hello!

Well, we had another crazy busy week, as usual. We had two more exchanges -- and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about them. haha I'll just say that they went great! And now we only have two more!! Hallelujah. We had our last trainer/trainee meeting this week, which went great. We gave a training on how to use the new Christmas initiative in our missionary work! That is our big focus right now, #ASaviorIsBorn. I'm such a big fan!! We have the little pass-along cards, and are trying to hand out as many as possible. It's the best, because we always have something to bring up with people, and they don't think it's quite as weird because it's Christmas time, and people are way more open to things like that. So we're trying to get all the missionaries to take full advantage of this! 

A member from the Bush Branch was in Anchorage Saturday, from Naknek! He was so nice, and called us telling us he wanted to buys us dinner. So we met him at Subway and he bought us some food. It was great! The Bush Branch really is the neatest thing. I think I forgot to tell you, but we have 2 new potential investigators in the Bush Branch!!! There are a mother and son, who are both super interested in the church. They are just busy, so we have to find a good time we can skype with them to have their first lesson! One of the members works with the mom, and has been great in talking about the church with her. I'm tellin ya, that's how we find the most golden investigators!! 


We had the greatest surprise Saturday. There was a family that got baptized 3 days before I got to Juneau right at the beginning of my mission, that I got to teach the new member lessons to. The Kleinschmidts, I can't remember if I ever talked about them. Well, they moved to Kenai not long after they were baptized and Saturday were sealed in the temple! We got to go to their endowment, and sealing!!!! Wow it was such a neat experience! I didn't know them super well, because I only taught them a few lessons. But it was so great to see someone who I had worked with at the very beginning, getting sealed in the temple at the very end. What perfect timing!! 

I love them so much!!!! What a miracle! :) That's what this work is all about, getting people to the temple!
I'm excited for the exchanges we have this week, because I get to go back to Colony!!! Woo hoo, I'm pumped! That'll be a blast to see everyone again. And then I get to go on exchanges with Sister Ogden, who was in the MTC with me. I just adore her. So it'll be some good exchanges! I literally cannot believe how fast the time is going, I need it to slow down!!! Everything is just so wonderful, and I am quite literally living the dream. Have a fantastic week, and remember to expect miracles!! Because they do come! I love you all dearly :)
Love, Sister Dall

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