Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My last transfer call

ahhh transfer calls!!! 

So here's the news: WE'RE BOTH STAYING!!!!!! Woo hoo, we're so excited!!!  Wow, we had such a freak out moment, it was awesome!! I didn't expect that, it was too good to be true! So this will equal 5 transfers together, 7 1/2 months!!! We never would have believed it, but we're overjoyed!! So I'll be spending my last 5 weeks in Anchorage in the Ocean View ward as an STL. I'm pretty stoked, I did NOT want to leave!!

So here's a little update on things here in the Ocean View. We met with Emily again, and she's doing great! Most solid investigator ever!!! She's golden, and looking at the weekend of Thanksgiving to get baptized! So her bf will be able to baptize her before he leaves on his mission in December.

Update on Eve - so this is super sad. She was doing so well, and was on date to be baptized the 14th. We had some great lessons and things were going well. Then, yesterday she called and told us she wasn't coming to church...we were so confused! But we were able to persuade her to have a lesson last night with just us and brother Grimshaw the guy who speaks thai. So we all showed up, sat down to have a lesson, and Eve just started crying. She said that she tries so hard to be good, but things are just going badly in her life. She said she doesn't think she'll be able to keep all the commandments, and that she's not good enough to be baptized. She kept talking about how she still feels guilty for bad things she's done in her life, and how everything just seems to be going wrong. Oh dear..... it's Satan!!! He is working hard on her right now. So we just sat there and testified to her about the power of the Atonement, and how the Savior is there to help her, she just needs to turn to Him. We read some scriptures with her, and tried to comfort her as best we could. But man, it was the saddest thing of my whole life. It just made me so sad to see her so sad!!! ahhh so now we don't know what to do. just know that things will get so much better once she's baptized, and has the holy ghost. PLEASE lots of prayers for Eve!!!!!

Now for some good news... 
Abi from Fairbanks came down to Anchorage for the weekend!!! It was oh so good to see her again. Yesterday at church we got a call from a random number, and it was Kaylee from Wasilla!!!! She was in Anchorage for the weekend, and wanted to come to church with us!!! Holy cow, it was the greatest thing to see her again! And just to have her in church sitting next to me, making comments and saying amazing prayers, it was better than Christmas! She's so solid, and just gets it. Ahh I'm so proud of her and where she's at now!!!! That was the greatest.

So other than all that, nothing new going on. I'm super pumped for this new transfer, and all the wonderful things we have going on. It'll be one full of miracles!!! I love you all, have a splendid week!

Love, Sister Dall

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