Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hello hello!

Well, happy Hallow's Eve, my favorite!!! But before I tell you about my Halloween, let me tell you about the rest of our week. We stayed pretty busy, with 3 exchanges. One in Soldotna, so I got to be with Sister Galli again! It was a grand time, I sure do love her! The drive down there was amazing, as always. We got some good pics along the way. Soldotna is charming, it reminds me a lot of Juneau. We also had exchanges with the Sisters in North Anchorage. I got to be with Sister Ogden, who came out with me! I just love her to death. It was great to be with her :) And.... it snowed. About 2 inches. Gross!!!! So now winter is officially here!! Then we had exchanges with the Lazy Mountain Sisters, in Palmer. I was with Sister Rose and it was great! 

We got to do the neatest service, at the Reindeer farm!!! How fun! It's a little farm that members own, where they have reindeer and fun stuff. People come and visit and get to feed the reindeer and all that jazz. It was a blast!! 

So update on Eve: We had about 3 lessons with her this week and they all went really well. We talked to her about her baptism date, and she told us she still wanted to shoot for the 6th! Ahhh but we didn't know how that would be possible, with all our exchanges and meetings and things, because we still had to teach her the rest of lesson 4, and all of 5. So we were actually stressing hard core, not sure if we could do it! So we had another lesson with her, and just decided to push it back to the 14th. Hopefully then we'll have time to finish the lessons, and make sure she really understands everything. It's so cool though, how she wants to get baptized so badly! When we first started teaching her, she was afraid of baptism!! She came to church yesterday, and the testimonies were just for her! It was the neatest thing. It really has been so amazing to have been able to teach Eve, and watch her grow and learn so much. Every time she catches on to another principle, and things click in her mind, it's just the greatest feeling!! 

So Halloween! Let me just tell you all about our day. First, we had lunch with a couple from Wasilla that Sister Johnstun and I both just love to death, the Moffatts! They were who I skyped with on mothers day! Oh boy, it was so good to see them again, they're our favorite!!

Then after that, we went to the trunk or treat that the ward was having. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up and having fun. Sister Johnstun and I dressed up as well! haha we were each other, aren't we clever?? There's only so much you can do as a missionary :)

I've also been reading through the BOM looking for trials and witnesses of faith. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not... but it's been super neat! I read the other day in Ether, chapter 12, which is chalk full of faith! It was so cool to see how many little trials and then witnesses of faith there were, just in on chapter! And I've loved looking for that throughout the whole book. Just goes to show how often the Lord is testing our faith, and then always rewards us with a witness/miracle. It's the best!!

That's all for this week. We have one more exchange (Whew!) and then MLC and zone meeting. It just never stops!! hah and we get our transfer calls..... I'm so nervous!!!! Hope it all goes well! Have a splendid week, you're all my favorite people!! I love you!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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