Monday, December 14, 2015

Discipleship is Our Journey

Wow, I literally cannot believe this is actually happening. This wasn't supposed to happen to me, I'm not ever supposed to go home!! Yikes. I'll start this one off by giving you a brief overview of my last week.

We had our last District meeting of the transfer, and my very last one. We always do what we call 'transfer domice' where we guess where everyone will go next transfer. But, for those who are going home... They guess how long it'll be until you're married. How terrible is that?! But anyway, then we had our last two exchanges! One was in Colony, it was such a miracle!!! Such a tender mercy that I got to go back to that Ward at the very end :) I had my departing interview with President Robinson. Wow, saddest thing of my whole entire life!!! Ahhh I don't want to talk about it.... Haha. But anywho, President and Sister Robinson took us out to lunch, the little sweeties.

Sister Johnstun and I have just been a mess all week. We cry regularly. She only has one transfer left, but it's just so sad that we have to leave each other! After 7 1/2 months together, sight and sound 24/7, it'll be real hard. 
We had our last zone caroling on Saturday night, and it was such a blast! I love all those missionaries so very much, they've all become like family. 

I've had a couple of main focuses though the course of my mission. 1) is to always see the miracle :) I've talked about that a lot, but we know that there are miracles all around us, every single day! God's hand is so apparent in our lives, we just have to look for and notice it. And a lot of the miracles He gives us isn't because we earned it or anything, but simply because He loves His children, and loves making us happy :) 

2) is that love is KEYLove is the driving force behind all we do, especially as missionaries. When we love the people, we want to serve them. When we love our companion, we work well with them. When we love our leaders, we listen to their council and we obey. When we love the area, we enjoy every minute we spend in it. When we love the Lord, we are willing to do anything He asks, and we do it willingly. I have been so incredibly amazed at how much love I've felt while serving as a missionary. I literally didn't think it was possible to feel so much love! For the people of Alaska, for other missionaries, for leaders, for Ward members, for companions, and even for those who don't want to hear our message. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has allowed me to feel a very small portion of the love that He feels for ever single one of us. Here is a small list of the things that I have absolutely loved while being a missionary:

I love being in Alaska! The most beautiful place on this sweet green earth.
I love all the wonderful people here - nicest people I've ever met
I love getting to wear my savior's name next to my name every day for 18 months
I love being noticed everywhere we go, as representatives of Jesus Christ
I love being asked questions about the gospel
I love having the opportunity to bear testimony often
I love having one focus and one goal - to invite others to come unto Christ
I love President and Sister Robinson
I love getting to serve so closely with them
I love getting to serve all the Sisters in the mission, and getting to know them better
I love all the missionaries in the Alaska Anchorage mission, my second family
I love all of my companions, and the things I've learned from each of them
I love waking up each morning knowing that the Lord has someone for us to meet, talk to or even just smile at. 
I love being part of such a wonderful work
I love being an instrument in the Lords hands to carry out His purpose - to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man 
I love the testimony I've gained 
I love the Book of Mormon
I love the temple
I love every aspect of the gospel
I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father
I love serving alongside them
I love feeling of His spirit
I love feeling Him work through me
I love all of the amazing experiences I've had
I love my family :)
I love being a missionary for our Savior Jesus Christ

Well that was probably way more than you ever wanted to know.... But there's just so much that I've loved about these last 18 months! I've never experienced so much joy and happiness in my whole entire life. And it all starts with love. One of my favorite scriptures about that is Ether 12:34 "I know that this love which thou hast had for the children of man is charity" I love that! I hope I can continue to grow in charity of the rest of my life! 

The third and final thing is I have focused on becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. I want to be recognized as one of His followers. I want to continue to grow closer to Him and align my will with His. President Uchtdorf said, "Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort of once a week or once a day. It is an effort of once and for all. "Exaltation is our goal, Discipleship is our journey". I know it's our journey, our way to return back to Him. 

Alright, I'm sorry that was the longest thing of your whole life, so I'll end now. I hope you all know how much I love my savior, and how eternally grateful I am to Him for allowing me to serve here in Alaska. It's been the greatest thing that's ever happened to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you for all supporting me and loving me while I've been out here. I love you all so very much and am thankful for you. Remember to expect miracles, that love is key and that we are all on the pathway of discipleship. 
All my love, Sister Dall :)

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