Monday, September 14, 2015

3 Miracles

Woooo what a week!
First of all, I'm sick. I'm living the dream, but I have a cold and I hate my life.

We stayed pretty busy this week. We had MLC, Zone meeting and a temple trip! Plus one exchange. MLC is always so great, getting to discuss issues and ideas with the leadership of the mission. Zone meeting was

Now let's talk about the miracles from this week, because there were a multitude. 

Miracle number 1.

First off, one morning we just decided we were going to set out and find us a new investigator. We were determined! So we went to the gas station. We started talking to the kid that worked there, and asked him if he's ever heard of the book of mormon. That's kind of our tactic right now, we carry a BOM everywhere we go, and always bring that up first thing with people. He said yes, and that he actually has one. Then he told us that he's met with missionaries in the past. We asked him if he had questions about the BOM, and he said he did. So, we gave him our number and told him to call us and we can answer his questions, aka start teaching him again!! 

Miracle number 2.

Then we decided that there was still a more solid investigator that we could go find. So we went to the next gas station. We started talking to the lady at the check out, and asked her if she ever sees missionaries in the gas station. She said 'ya, I see the Elders in here all the time'. Elders, she knows their name? Then she proceeded to tell us that she use to meet with the Sister missionaries! We asked her if she would want to meet with us again, and she said yes!! She gave us her number, and we're going to start teaching her again!!!! 

Miracle number 3.

We have a favorite place to get lunch, when we feel like eating out. It's called Pita Pit and it's delicious. Basically the whole staff knows us there because we go there so often. Well we went this week, and one of the girls that works there started talking to us. And we basically asked her if she wanted to meet with us and find out what
we're all about. She said yes!!! Her name is Audrey and I'm obsessed with her. We had our first lesson with her yesterday at a members house. She's 20 years old and is just working right now. She's hilarious, I just love her so much!!! We taught her a simple Restoration, and she seemed to like it! She took a BOM and told us she'd start reading it. We have another lesson scheduled for Wednesday, and I'm pumped! New investigator!!! 

So basically, the Lord has been incredible to us this week. We are so blessed here. 

Yes everyone and their dog up here is obsessed with BYU so I'm never hearing the end of all that. I can't remember if I told you or not, but one of the senior couples up here thought it would be hilarious to
put a byu license plate holder on our car. Not funny. Everyone takes time to point it out to me.

I ate so much moose for dinner last night. It's also 40 degrees in the mornings now, and it's getting dark.
We run into moose on the daily. It rained and rained and rained. 

And that's your Alaskan update.

I hope you all have a splendid week. Hey, next week why don't you all
share with me any of your studies or cool findings lately? I just love
that stuff. Gospel related, of course :)

Well, love you all dearly!!
Love, Sister Dall

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