Monday, August 31, 2015

Updates from Anchorage

Hi hi!!

The time really is getting faster and faster with every week, and I don't know what to do about it! It's true what they say, that the last 6 months just fly right by :(

Here are a few updates on our investigators.
We had another lesson with Jennifer this week. We taught her the plan of salvation, but I'm not sure she caught a whole lot. She's feeling a ittle bit down on herself, because she's 30 and single, and she really wants to start a family. She's still meeting with us, and reading her Book of Mormon so we're excited about that! But prayers for her would be great!

We found a new translator for Eve! (the last one just went off to BYU) He is in the Huffman ward, and served is Mission in Thailand about 10 years ago. We had our first lesson with him and Eve, and it went pretty well. Eve still gets confused, and we have to remember to super simplify, because of her lack of a Christian background. But we're learning how to teach her
better, and we have a great relationship with her so it's the best! We took her to the Hmong branch on Sunday. That was a trip. But we got to sit through a whole sacrament meeting in Hmong so that was neat! We also got to participate, because they didn't have a music conductor or an organist. Wait, Sister Dall doesn't play the organ. Well she did yesterday! Man was that a trip. hahah what a joke! 
So I don't know if we'll keep bringing her to that one, or just take her to ours. Still figuring that one out. But she's coming along. We figured out how to change all the videos and things on our iPads to Thai, so we're gonna start utilizing that. yay for iPads!

We had 2 exchanges this week, one with the Eagle River Sisters and one with the Soldotna Sisters. Guess who I got to be with??? SISTER JOHNSTUN!!! The dream team reunited, and it felt so good!!! It was
just a blast. It's been about 6 months since we were companions (hard to believe) and it was so much fun to be with her again. We spent most of the time reminiscing about FBX and all the good times we had, and then it made us really sad. But it was a great time, I just love her to death!

Also, winter is on the way!!! It's sad but true. There is snow on the tops of the mountains, and it's getting brisker. But I just love Alaskan summers so much!!! I'm obsessed. We did see the brightest, biggest rainbow of my life the other day though. It was a double and you could see the whole thing all the way across the sky. Beautiful!!!! Basically I'm just obsessed with Alaska and everything about it. Good luck getting me to leave it.

Well I hope you all have the best week of all the weeks. Don't forget what we read in the New Testatment, to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh a reason for the hope that is in you" and do that good 'ole member missionary work!!! It really is the key to any missionary success, so be a friend and help out those missionaries in our area, they'll appreciate it :)

Love you all!
Love, Sister Dall

the anchorage sistas 

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