Monday, August 17, 2015


Well this week was super full of tons of great things!!!

The first notable thing was JUNEAU!!!! 

Oh my goodness..... to say I was the happiest missionary on earth would be an understatement. It was fantastic!!! When our plane landed and I saw those beautiful mountains, I felt like I had come home. It was incredible. We got in Wednesday night, and slept in the Sister's apartment with them, and then had all day Thursday!! We started out by visiting Brother Ullmayer!!! Good ole' brother Ullmayer. He's as stubborn as ever. But the Sister's hadn't been visiting him, so I was able to introduce them, have a nice lesson and set up a return appointment. So that will be good. It was good to see the little sweetie. Then we went and had lunch with Sarah!!! Oh my lanta it was so good to see her! The Sister's haven't been meeting with her either, so it was really good to be able to talk about when I was meeting with her, the experiences she had had, and kind of remind her about all of that. She's so cute, I just love
her! Then we went and visited Bishop Leavitt's family. I'm so obsessed with them, they're perfect! It was great catching up with them, and getting all the Juneau news. And I just loved driving through those streets again and seeing all my favorite sights.

After that, we saw Ramona!!! It was so cool to see the difference in her, now that she's been
baptized!!! It was really just the best so see the new light in her countenance. Aww I just love all these people so much!!  And then we ran to the Mikesells, who is in the bishopric. I made him make me some cookie dough, he makes the best cookie dough I've ever had!! And then to dinner!! We had dinner with Liz!!! Oh my goodness, that was easily the highlight of the whole trip. Liz was less active when I was in Juneau, and we spent a lot of time working with her. Well, she's totally active now, and the young women's president!! I could hardly
believe it! I just love Liz with all my heart. I cannot even explain it, she's my absolute favorite person ever! So she fed us dinner, and it was the greatest thing of my life, hearing all about how she came
back into activity, and hearing her tell me how the atonement had really worked in her life. It was truly incredible. It's just so neat to see how the Lord really is willing to work with everyone, regardless of their situation or past. The Lord is amazing! Liz bore her testimony at the end of the night, and boy oh boy was the spirit strong!! Ahhh I was just happier than a tornado in a trailer park!!!  It was the hardest thing to say goodbye. Liz is like one of my best
friends. So it was the worst leaving :(  It was just the greatest feeling in the world to see all these people and to be
recognized, and missed. My heart will forever be in Juneau in the nugget falls ward :) So yep, leaving Juneau the next morning was horrible. I didn't like it at all. I think I have post Juneau depression. Anyway, yep that was my trip.

On Saturday we had the neatest fireside. Elder Johnson of the 70, and Elder Call our area 70 came and had a fireside with all the missionaries, stake presidents and ward councils. It was just the greatest thing ever!! They basically threw down, and told all the ward councils and members to be full-time missionaries, because their
salvation depends upon it. Every missionary's dream! It was incredible, and  because it was coming from general authorities, and not us, people listened. They talked about not judging people that aren't members, and deciding if we think they're ready or not. Don't wait! Invite everyone, because we can never tell when people are
ready. Ah I was just loving it. So that was cool. And then the next day, Elder Call came to our ward! At the end of the meeting, Elder Call got up to speak and said 'we would now like to hear from Sister Dall, and then I will speak.' WHAT?! Ok.... so I got up there, stressing the heck out, wondering what I was going to do, and he pulled me aside and asked me to teach the Restoration and include the first vision, in 3 minutes. ha alrighty! So that's what I did. I've never been so stressed about something my whole life!! It was cray. But I guess it went well. Then I just sat back down. Elder Call then talked about how people can't help but feel the spirit when a set apart full-time missionary shares that lesson, and went on to talk about how everyone needs to hear that message. So that happened. It was nuts!

So I'm sorry that was a lot, and confusing. But this week has been fantastic. I love you all dearly and am just having a blast here in the AAM. Probably more fun than should be allowed.... but it's great!!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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