Monday, August 10, 2015

Anchorage Week 5

...... I cannot believe that it's already the last week of the transfer!! Time is going by far too fast and I'm not ok with it!!!

This week was busy as always. We had 2 exchanges, MLC, trainer trainee meeting and zone meeting. All super fun and as always, uplifting.

We had a fantastic lesson with Eve last week. We had our first lesson with her and with the Thai translator, Josh, who just served his mission in Thailand. It was the most stressful/amazing lesson of my life. Basically indescribable. It was super tough, because we had to be very very simple in everything we explained, because 1, she could barely understand us, and 2 she has 0 Christian background and so literally doesn't understand what we're talking about. It was great to have Josh there to be able to translate things and to explain things much better. I've just never taught someone who doesn't even understand the concept of prayer before, so it was really challenging. But it was so rewarding as well. Things started to click for Eve, and she talked about how she's felt the Holy Ghost before (after we talked about who the holy ghost is and what he does), but just thought she was crazy. Thai people are very superstitious apparently. But it was just so cool to watch how things would start to make sense for her, and how she would get so excited once she understood a principle. So we're pretty stoked to keep working with her!! Our next lesson with her will be tomorrow. Oh man, it'll be a trip explaining the plan of salvation to her!

Another fun thing was that Sister Hart came back up to Alaska!! Madi Hart, who went to Olympus. She went home in December but came back up to visit and we got to see her! It was such a blast, I'm a big fan of her.

Biggest news for this week..... JUNEAU!!! 

We leave on Wednesday night, spend all day thursday there and fly back Friday morning. I'm so pumped I could die!!!!! The sisters down there have been having a rough time, so President basically told me he's expecting me to go down there, reconnect with people I taught, and turn things around for them. NO PRESSURE. So I'm super duper excited and also stressed out of my mind. It'll be good though. Do you guys remember Sarah that I taught down there? We saw so many miracles with her and her family! The Sisters haven't been meeting with her since 
like January :(  Well I called her yesterday and set up an appointment with her. So that should be really good. It'll be exciting!

I think that's all the big news this week. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my companion?! I just adore her and we are having such a blast together :)

We had a lesson yesterday in Sunday school, about sacrifice. And I got to thinking, we make sacrifices all the time in different areas. I don't think sacrifices are really for the Lord, they are for us. They are meant to change us and change our hearts. Think about the rich young man who is asked to sell all he possesses. The Lord doesn't need those things. He needs the man to be humbled and changed through that sacrifice. Everyone always talks about how big of a sacrifice it is to serve a mission. Yes we are changed on our missions, but I actually don't think a mission is really a sacrifice. I think serving a mission is the greatest gift I have ever been given. 

Well my friends, that wraps up another email for this week. You're all amazing and you inspire me in every way! I love you to bits and pray for you daily. Remember to always expect miracles!!!!

Love, Sister Dall :)

ps it's sweltering here and I think I'm gonna die    #80degrees

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