Monday, July 6, 2015


Hi hi, wow what a week!

I feel like I say that every week, but every week is just amazing! And terrible this time.... that's right, 


You all know how much I hate transfer calls. All week I was a stress case, poor Sister McGee had to deal with me. But we got the call on Thursday night. Sister McGee is staying, and I'm being booted out! No!!!!!! I really wanted to stay! They're sending me to Anchorage, to the Ocean View ward, to serve as the Anchorage STL with Sister Galli.
Wow, I did not see that coming!!! I'm so nervous, but also super stoked! So there are only 2 companionships of STL's, one in FBX (that was me and Sister Johnstun) and one in Anchorage. So I'm pretty excited, cause I'll get to go on exchanges with all the sisters throughout the whole mission except FBX, get to help with the rainer/trainee meetings, go to MLC and go to all the Zone Conferences! It'll be super fun, and we'll work with the AP's and
President a lot. And serving with Sister Galli should be super fun. But I'm also really sad! I have to leave Sister McGee, they're cutting the umbilical chord!! So sad. And, this has also been my favorite zone ever!! We are all just best friends, and some of my very favorite missionaries are here :( I'm also really upset to be leaving this area, and the people here. This ward is amazing, and I have loved being here for almost 5 months. I can't believe I have to leave Kaylee, the Parkers, Tommy, and all the wonderful members! I hate transfers!! But at least I'm excited about where I'm going!

So let me tell you about our week. Super busy, as always. We were able to visit Kelly Parker once, since she's still
recovering. She's doing great though! The little sweetie, she bought us each a new purse, cause she saw how mine was falling apart! Plus $50 each in food gift cards! She knows us well ;) But I'll really miss that family, and watching them progress.

P-day last week was amazing!!!! I found a spot that I have to take you guys back to. It's called hatcher's pass, and oh my goodness!!! It's just like you're in a movie or something, just so breathtakingly beautiful! It was amazing, we went on a super cool hike. We also met a preacher from south Africa, who was so excited to see people 'fired up for Jesus!' haha it was great. He even left us with a blessing, which was fine until he started speaking in tongues.
And people say Mormons are weird?! haha it was great.

Cool miracle!!! On Friday night, we had an appointment to stop by the McNairs, our stake patriarch so that Sister McGee could get a blessing. When we showed up, he had forgotten that we were coming over, and had some other people over who were looking at buying a car from him. So we just kinda hung around, and started talking to these people. Turns out one of them was a member, who had just moved up here from Utah, and was less active, but wanted to know what time church was so she could start coming back!! And then we started talking to her friend, who knew nothing about Mormons. We told her about our missions, and then she started asking all kinds of questions. It was so chill and super cool. We asked her if we could meet with her and share more, and she said yes!!! It was such a miracle!!! That we were all there at the same time and everything... ahh so cool! So hopefully the sisters will meet with her and start working with her! Yay!!! 

The weekend was full of saying goodbye to people, and packing.... my least favorite thing ever. Church was bitter sweet. Ahh this ward is just so cool!! Imma miss them all. Iyep, transfers are tomorrow! Excited/nervous/sad, so we'll see how it goes. But it's always my favorite thing to see my friends, so I'm pumped!! 

I love you all, don't ever forget it! Have a fantastic week :)

Love, Sister Dall

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