Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tracting Miracles

Miracles my friends, Miracles. 

First off, we had transfer meeting on Tuesday!!! You all know what that means, Sister Dall is in heaven. It was fantastic. But super sad too because all my friends are leaving!!!  Sisters Training meeting was a party as usual. President Lambertson, in the mission presidency, made me the sister techy, in charge of setting up all the tech stuff for when we have to skype people in and things like that. So that's kind of fun. haha what a joke, I don't know how to use that stuff! 

Here's the update on Kaylee. We met with her twice this week, but both lessons were super short cause she was running to things after. We finished lesson 5, so now we're done with all the lessons. But we decided that she needs to have a stronger testimony of the BOM. so that's what we focused on in our lesson with her on Saturday. We showed her some cool videos on our handy little iPads, and told her how important it is for her to have her own testimony. We don't want to baptize her unless she knows it's true, and has had a confirmation. She's just not super into the BOM, which is understandable. It's hard for her to understand, and she's not super driven to read. She never does her reading assignments, and when we read with her, she never gets too excited. So we're really praying we can figure something out to get her more interested. Lots of prayers! But we were able to take a YSA to that lesson which was good. Trying to get her more involved with the YSA so that she'll want to go to church with them, and possibly quite her job so that she can. It's kind of a mess. But she comes to the 9 o'clock meeting with us every week :)

Ok ready for one of the miracles this week? Here goes.
So we were doing our weekly district tract, and we were in the Fishhook Elders area. The Elders started at one end of the street, and we started at the other, and we were just gonna meet in the middle. So we knocked on one door, no one home. knocked on the second, smelled drugs and bolted. Walked up to the third house, and there was a lady standing outside her house, watering the grass. So we walked up and started talking to her. She was really nice and didn't mind talking to us. So we started talking about religion, and turns out she's very religious. She was raised baptist, but goes to a non-denominational church now. But she talked to us about what she believed, and it was crazy because everything she was saying, was what we believe!!! So we were like 'we need to teach her the restoration'. So we asked her if we could teach her a little about what we believe and she said 'ya, I've always wondered what Mormons believe!'

So we went inside her house (which RARELY happens while tracting in Alaska) and sat down and taught her and her 14 year old daughter the Restoration, while using the nifty pamphlet app on the iPads! It was a great discussion. She agreed with everything, and was asking all the right questions, like 'well if there were all these different churches, with bits of truth, what was the missing piece that none of them had?' are you kidding me?? The Priesthood!!!!! haha we were almost laughing in the lesson because of how prepared they were. So we gave them a BOM and challenged them to read and pray about it. We also told them to watch meet the Mormons which is on Netflix, and gave them the time and address of church, and our number. We told her that we have more we can teach her, if she's interested. She said that she was glad we stopped by and that she would probably call us later!!!! So it's not like she committed to become a new investigator right there or anything, but hey it was still really cool!! At least a large seed was planted! It was an incredible experience that i will never forget. I've never experience anything like it!!!! The Lord is amazing :)

Remember the friend of a member I told you about? The one who is super excited to meet with the sister missionaries? Well, we have an appointment to finally meet with her this week!!! Kelly Parker, we are so excited!!!!! She sounds super prepared and ready to learn so we couldn't be happier! And it will be in a members home, so perfect! So I'll be tellin ya how that one goes. 

Not much else to report this week. Oh, it's freaking hot here!!! Yesterday I thought I was going to die, it was 78 degrees!!!!!!!! Oh dear.... what has Alaska done to me?! But seriously, it's sweltering. And I'm getting a nice watch tan line :) 

Hope your summer is going well and that you're doing fun and cool things!! keep on keepin on, and look for the miracles. Remember to always be ready to share what we have, if the Lord places someone in your path that He has prepared. Love you all!!
Love, Sister Dall

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