Monday, May 25, 2015


Weird... I'm currently typing this from my new iPad... Haha I don't
know how to use this thing! 

So on Wednesday we spent all day in anchorage getting trained. We had elder neilson of the 70, who is now over the missionary department, and brother Kelly mills, president of international mtcs train us. And boy was it good. It was more like life training than iPad training. So much knowledge! So we got to shake their hands and listen to them for 4 hours. My perfect day! And then we sat at their table for lunch after, no big deal. It was also awesome because they flew all the missionaries in from everywhere, so I got to see so many friends!! Hooray  (weird that I can use emojis). 
At the end of the training, they handed us all our brand new iPads. So this puppy is mine. But I don't really use it a whole lot, haha. I just feel so disobedient! But I'm slowly figuring it out. Sister McGee calls me the Amish missionary because I still use my scriptures to study haha. So the way that this works, is we'll get more things on the iPads over the next few weeks. We'll get the area books, and then later on, Facebook. Now that's going to be weird. So for now we basically just use gospel library and lds tools. We only have wifi, so when we need to download a video or something, we run over to the church to use the wifi or sit in mcdonalds parking lot or something haha. It'll take more adjust not, that's for sure. But we're able to read emails throughout the week whenever we get them, but can only respond on Mondays. So that's a change. Anyway, enough about iPads.

We had a fantastic week in the way of kaylee and miracles. I'll start
with kaylee. We finished teaching her lesson 4, which went well. Then
on Saturday we were able to take her to the elders baptism, so she
could so what s baptism is like. It was so good for her! She liked it
and I think it made her more excited then we took her to the ysa
summer kick off party, and the beach! It was fantastic! Lots of people
were introducing themselves to her and talking to her, it was perfect!
Elder pace and I were just standing in the background scheming and
trying to convince cute boys to go talk to her. Haha it was great!

Something else super fun that happened, is Abi, my friend from
Fairbanks, was down here for the weekend. So she took sister McGee and
I out for lunch, and went to the baptism and the ysa activity with us!
It was such a party!! Abi is like easily the coolest person I know and
I've missed her so much!! She is in ysa in Fairbanks, and we spent
pdays with her cause she's cool like that. But she's the most
incredible member missionary I've ever met and I want to be just like
her! So it was a tender mercy that she got to spend some time with us,
I love her so much!!

Ok miracle moment of the century, and you ready?! So we do district
tracts every week, where the whole district will go trackting in one
area. So on Friday we were all in the cottonwood elders area. They
chose a street for us to do, and so we went there. There were a bunch
of apartment complexes, so we just hit up all those. We had done a
bunch and we weren't having any success. It was also blazing hot (a
whole 73 degrees!!) so we were a little grumpy. We knocked on a door
and a girl answered and said "I know you guys". We were like 'what? We
don't know you'. And then she said "you know kaylee! I'm kaylee's best
friend, Beth". What the heck? We tracted into our investigators best
friend!! So she let us in, and told us she recognized us from pictures
that kaylee posts of us on Instagram, and Facebook. We were all so
surprised, and it was so cool! So then we proceeded to tell her about
how we've been meeting with kaylee and teaching her. We talked about
what we've been teaching her, and how great it is! Then Beth's
boyfriend walks in, and we tell him as well. So we were able to give
both of them a Book of Mormon, and they were really excited about it.
They said that we would all have to meet together sometime....

I mean, I guess so if you insist. 

Holy cow, MIRACLE!! When we got back in the
car, we had a huge freak out moment. It was amazing! The Lords hand
was so in all that, he is definitely directing this work! The elders
were inspired where to send us. So cool, so cool. So hopefully we'll
get to start teaching Beth and Matt as well!

I think that's all the excitement for now. We got transfer calls on
Thursday and of course, we're both staying! 
Everything is awesome and we're so happy! Thanks for all the prayers
and love, they sure do work! I love you all, have a grand week, and
expect miracles!!
Love, sister Dall 

P.S. we had the coolest Pday on the beach this week! 

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