Monday, May 18, 2015

Miracles Left, Right and Center!

Well this week was just riddled with miracles!!!

What a great week. We had a lesson with Kaylee, a few days after she and Kyle broke up. It was the greatest thing ever! She said she recognized this as God directing her life in a new direction and that He was looking out for her. She's actually really happy, so it was such a good thing they broke up. But here's a cool little thing. In district meeting that day, before we met with her, we asked the district for suggestions on what to share with her, that would comfort her and teach her a gospel principle at the same time, at this crucial moment. Elder pace suggested that we show her the 'patterns of light' videos by elder bednar (if you haven't all seen those I would HIGHLY suggest you watch them), and that we share 1 nephi 4:6-7. So we did, and it went great. She loved the videos, and it was just what she needed to hear at that moment. 

Well, later that night we had the opportunity to watch the face2face broadcast with Elder and Sister Bednar with the youth in our ward. And what was one of the things he talked about? The same things he says in his patters on light videos. And what scripture did he reference? 1 Nephi 4:6-7. How neat! So that was just a cool little moment where we knew that elder Pace was inspired to share those with us, and then it was a confirmation that we had shared the right thing, when Elder Bednar used the same things! #miracle

Later in the week we met with Kaylee again at the castlemans. We had a lesson on temples and eternal language. It was just what she needed! She LOVED it!! She said that it was something she definitely wanted in her life, and that it was a new goal to make it to the temple someday! Perfect!!! So then we told her that we would find her a cute returned missionary to take her to the temple, and she's all for it!! So that was just the best. 

Then she came to church yesterday, and the talks were all about the priesthood and how important it is in our lives. How much better could it get?! She really liked it. So things are really moving along with her, and we're hopefully going to put  her on date soon. We are bringing her to one of the elders baptisms this weekend, so then she'll get an idea of what it's like and everything. Woo hoo, we're so excited!!

Sister McGee is doing just great. She's a natural! She's a great teacher during lessons, and I have a lot of proud mom moments :) 

Fun news of the week, I got attacked by a huge dog. So that was fun. NOT!  I hate dogs and I'm so done with them. 

But other than that, things are going splendidly! The weather is super nice all the time and everything is getting green! haha ok, well it's nice weather to me. I'm totally alaskan now. It was 65 the other day and I was sweltering, so I rolled down the windows. Poor sister McGee was freezing, she hasn't acclimated yet :)

Miracles are happening left right and center and it's so exciting to be a part of it all. We go to Anchorage on Wednesday to get our iPads, and have the training so that's really exciting!! I don't know like any details so I guess we'll just find everything out when we get there. But it should be fun. Ok, I love you all, don't forget it! Thank you for the continued prayers and love being sent our way. I love Alaska so much, and I love this work even more!! Have a great week and expect miracles!

Love, Sister Dall :)

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