Monday, May 11, 2015

Wasilla Week 10

Well hello there, long time no see! 

Haha well my sweeties, it was so great to see you yesterday! 

This week was seriously filled with miracles, left right and center. We had a great lesson with kaylee, and she's totally progressing. Remember how I told you that she and Kyle might be breaking up? well it's official now. She called us last night and cried to us, the poor thing. She said that she knew she would feel better after talking to us though. We were able to comfort her and share some quotes and scriptures with her. It was actually a really awesome teaching moment. We're convinced this is the Lord, trying to help her turn around her life. I mean, one less investigator for us, but it's totally a blessing in disguise. Now she won't have anything holding her back, and we can introduce her to a nice Mormon boy that will take her to the temple!! haha and we told her that and she said, 'I'm totally up for that!' haha so this is perfect! So that was GREAT!

We also received like 3 referrals from members, and all of them seem to be super interested! It's so great to see the Lords hand so apparent in this work, I just love it! We have been staying super busy so it's great. 
This week we don't have any big meetings or trips to Anchorage or anything, so we should be able to crack down and really keep things rolling. And then next week, iPads! Again, so weird. 

So life is oh so good. I mean, everyday has its ups and downs, but I know I'm doing the greatest thing there is to do! And I'm so happy doing it :) Plus everything is starting to get green here, so like that's a bonus. sorry I don't have much else to say, haha I guess I said it all yesterday. Just keep being awesome people. 

And really, focus on the Book of Mormon!! When we take time out of our day to study that book, miracles happen. Everything we ever need to know is in there! And take up Elder Bednars challenge, and start reading with a question or specific topic in mind. It makes a world of difference and helps you learn so much! Ahh I'm just in love with that book, and can't say it enough. Have a fantastic week and expect those miracle!!!

I love you!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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