Monday, May 4, 2015

Paradise in Wasilla

Alrighty, just another week here in paradise! 

This week was super busy full of lots of different things. 

Monday we had a zone BBQ which was pretty fun. Oh, except for when we were playing sports after. The elders were playing dodge ball, but I wasn't playing because have you seen how hard boys can throw those balls???? It's ridiculous. Anyway, I was just sitting on the stage, minding my own business, and Elder Bradshaw hucks a ball all the way across the gym and it smacked me right square on the left side of my face. I think I went into a daze. The whole room just went silent, and everyone thought I was a gonner for sure. So the whole left side of my face was bright red, and I had a lovely goose egg on it for awhile, but other than that I'm right as rain! I think I was a little loopy for the rest of the day though... poor thing, elder Bradshaw felt so bad!! It was hilarious though, I just laughed about the whole thing. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with Kaylee, teaching her the Word of Wisdom!!! It actually went really well. She said she understood it all and it made sense. But it's going to be pretty hard for her to give up her tea and coffee.... so that's the current road block. But we asked her to pray for a baptism date, to work towards. 

Wednesday was zone conference! It was so fun, oh my goodness!!!! It was all book of Mormon themed, so we went on a little hike, pretending we were lehi and his family journeying in the wilderness. The AP's had all these cool activities for us to do during the whole thing, like searching for the gold plates, walking across a slack line to represent the iron rod, and it was just so much fun! At the end we had a testimony, in the wilderness of Alaska, next to a lake with Eagles soaring overhead. Tell me if there's anything cooler than that. There's not! Needless to say, I was in heaven. So that was fantastic, and there was an amazing spirit. 
our little district at zone conference

It's finally summer her in Alaska, and I am loving it. We never really see darkness anymore, and it keeps getting brighter earlier and earlier. It's cool waking up at 6:30 and the sun already being almost overhead :) So with the better weather, we've been doing some more tracting. I used to hate tracting, but for some reason I really like it now! But we've had a bunch of good experiences. Nothing like new people to teach, but just meeting lots of nice people who we get to talk to. So that's been fun. 

Yesterday was pretty great. We brought Kaylee to the 9 o'clock church, because she works all afternoon, during our church. It was testimony meeting, so we were a little worried at first, but it was so great! The Lord provides. All the testimonies were perfect for her, and there was a good spirit present. I think she really liked it! So hopefully we'll keep taking her to that meeting. We've also started doing lots of active member lessons, trying to get into every active family's house to get to know the ward better. So that's been really fun. 

So everything is wonderful. It's sunny and happy, the members are incredible, we have a lot of work, and our investigator is doing great. Life couldn't be any better!!! oh wait, it could! I get to skype with you wonderful family on Sunday!!!!!! I hope you didn't forget.... haha it's gonna be a party. So I'm looking forward to that for sure. Keep on keepin' on and don't forget to smile everyday, and look for the miracles that are all around us!!! 

Love, Sister Dall :)


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