Monday, April 27, 2015

Wasilla Life

Hello hello my friends! 

Life is good. Everything is going great and I am one happy camper :)

Things with Kaylee are really progressing!!! We taught her the law of chastity on tuesday, and it couldn't have gone better. It was received so well, with no problems. 

On Friday, we had our movie night! She and her boyfriend Kyle came over to the Castlemans to watch 'meet the mormons'. Ok, I was just super excited to watch it again myself. But the spirit was definitely present, and I know both of them felt it. After, we had a little discussion about it. everyone went around and said their favorite part. Kyle doesn't talk very much, but we could tell that he liked the movie. Then we asked Kyle if he would take the lessons. It was a super powerful moment, the spirit was strong and we could all feel it. He said yes!!!! NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! Oh man, we could hardly contain our excitement! But the best part was next. Then Kaylee kinda bore her testimony about how she knew that we had been put in her life by the hand of God, and he was reaching out to her through us. Then she told Kyle that she knew that this was God reaching out to him too, through us. How cool!!! Such a miracle. Kaylee even started to cry when she told us how much she loved us, and how much we had done for her. awwww! My heart melted and then expanded 10 fold! So we were just on cloud 9. Best day ever!!!

I also had a little tender mercy the other day. Don't laugh, it's kind of silly. But we had dinner at a members house, and she owns a dance studio here in Wasilla. So of course I just had the time of my life talking to her all about it. She offered to give us a tour of her studio!!!! YES! So we drove to her studio and she showed us around. It is such a nice studio, and I was in heaven! I was just happy to step foot inside a studio again. 

So yes, we are very happy here. The ward is incredible and I really love all the members a lot. They've really taken us under their wing and we feel very loved and blessed. I'm glad that I know we'll both be here for at least 10 more weeks! Miracles are happening and we are excited about it!

You all are the greatest and I love you with all my heart! Have a happy week!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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