Monday, April 20, 2015


Wow, so here we are, I'm a mom! hahaha well, a trainer at least. 
So let me tell you all about it. 

Tuesday morning I was so nervous I thought I was gonna up chuck. We got to Anchorage and Sister Wright and Sister Strong dropped me off at the mission home. I chilled there with President, the AP's and the other 4 trainers (Sister Ogden, Elder Nelson, Bowen and Justice) who are all my buddies, while we waited for the trainees to finish their studies. We all remained hidden while they all went downstairs. Then all the trainers, President and the AP's had a meeting and talked about being trainers. Elder Brown assured me that both the trainee sisters were really normal and excited to work. So that made me feel a little better. And then, we went down stairs to meet them!!

You probably don't remember how this works, since that happened 10 whole months ago for me. But all the trainers line up on one side of the room, and the trainees line up across from them. There's a big map of Alaska on the wall, and a fishing pole. President asks the trainees one at a time, to point with the fishing pole where they think they'll be going. Then he tells them where they're going, and that's how we the trainers, find out who our little baby is. The first sister to go was Sister McGee. President gave me the look, and I knew she was mine! I almost tackled her to the ground when I ran up and hugged her, because I was so excited! 

She's so cute, just a little sweetie. She's from Highland Utah and she's so excited to be here and get to work! It's great! So we had a little lunch after, and got to know each other a little better. Fast friends. Just instant friends! The Lord is good!!! 

Then we headed to.... transfer meeting!!!!!! Woo hoo!!  I got to see all my friends and I was in heaven! It was just a blast and a half. 

Then after that, we ran over to the mission office. Oh dear. Everyone was telling me I had to go over to the mission office, but no one would tell me why. So we show up... and I saw why. The mission office has a board with all the pictures people send in put up. And up in the corner, there was a whole section devoted to yours truly. how embarrassing... I'm including the picture. 

 And then we headed back to Wasilla!! So Sister McGee has now been in Alaska for 1 week, and she's doing great!!! I love her so much. She's ready to work hard and wants to see miracles. So we'e gonna work so hard these next 11 weeks and it's gonna be awesome! Love that greenie fire haha. It hasn't been too bad for me. I just have to remember that she's new and doesn't know everything yet. Heck, I don't even know anything either, so we're learning together. But lots of patience :) I really do love her though and we're already best friends. I'm so excited for these next two transfers. And I love love love this ward. I just keep getting sent to the best wards! The members are incredible and love us so much. The Bishop is super missionary minded and it's awesome. We don't have a lot of investigators, but that's ok, we're working on it! 

We met with Kaylee 3 times this week. She's still progressing and eager to learn. We're going to watch meet the mormons with her on Friday, I'm so excited! So that's going great. She also brought her non-member boyfriend to our last lesson. Wow, how neat!!! He didn't seem too interested, but maybe something will come of it. 

Anyway, I'm very happy right now, and so excited to just WORK HARD. I know we will see miracles if we just give it everything we've got. Missionary work is the best!!! I love you guys so much and pray for ya'll daily. Keep being amazing, and expect miracles!!! Love you!!

Love, Sister Dall :)

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