Monday, April 13, 2015

transfer calls

Hello hello!

This week was pretty fantastic. I was really worried about the whole trio thing, but it's been fantastic! We all get along really well and have so much fun together. Woo hoo, prayer works!!!! Not much exciting happened this week. We had another lesson with Kaylee, and she wants to get baptized, but wants to wait until she's ready. Good choice because i'm not sure she totally understands what all comes with baptism. But we'll make sure she does before we dunk her! She's awesome, I just love her :) 

Well the big news for the week, transfer calls!! I know, you didn't even know they were coming up because I haven't even talked about them yet! That's because for the first time in my life, I wasn't stressed about it! I pretty much knew I'd be staying, but didn't know who would come here with me. So, we got the call Thursday night. 

President gave me my transfer call first and said "Sister Dall, you will be staying in the Colony ward, and you will be training a new missionary!" WHAT?! Holy cow, I never saw that coming!!!!!! Oh dear, oh dear oh dear! What is President thinking? So as I'm sure you can guess, I am a huge stressed mess. I've never been so stressed and  nervous in my whole life! But I am excited too, it will be lots of fun. Sister Ogden, who came out with me, and I are the 2 sisters training. She'll be training up in Fairbanks! So that'll be fun. Ahh  but boy am I stressed. Lot's of prayers, that's for sure! So I'll pick her up tomorrow at transfer meeting, and then the fun begins! I'll be with her for 12 weeks, and I don't even know her name. haha it'll be an adventure for sure! Well, that's about all to report on this week. I love you all oodles and pray for you daily. Keep being awesome, expect miracles and love the Lord in all you do!

Love, Sister Dall :)

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