Monday, April 6, 2015


What a busy week!!!!

To start off the week, we are now in a trio!!! We went to Anchorage night for a dinner at the mission home with all the sisters in the bowl and President and Sister Robinson. It was so so fun. But.... I had to say goodbye to Sister Morrison!!! Saddest thing of my life. I cried. Ahh so that was terrible. 
And we got our new companion, Sister Strong! I don't know what I was worried about, she's awesome! She's still pretty shy and not confident in teaching because she's so new, but I love her so much. We get along really well and it's helping a lot. 
Trios are a trip! we went to the Trainer-trainee meeting in anchorage with all trainees and trainers. I felt really out of place there because I'm not even a real trainer!! But it was really fun to see everyone there. We had a great zone meeting with trainings just for us!!!! Talk about Heavenly Father being aware. So great. 

So conference. Wasn't it just incredible?! I think I died and went to heaven. It was beyond wonderful. Everything was just what I needed to hear and just pumped me up so much!!!! 

So I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and thought a lot about what we were celebrating. Have you all seen the 'because he lives' video? I sure hope so. After watching that so many times, I feel like i've gained so much gratitude for our Savior, in what he went through for us and how much he loves us. Read Mosiah 16:7-9, it's really great and goes along well. Sorry, not much time today. But I love you all so much, as you know. Your prayers really work for us up here and I'm ever so grateful for them. You all are the BEST! Love you!!!

Love, Sister Dall :)

Watch the video here:

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