Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello hello hello!

Crazy week, with so much to talk about!!

First off, we had a pretty stellar p-day. We went to the world ice carving competition! IT's where the best ice carvers in the world come to compete for the winning title. There were so many amazing sculptures, that were mind blowing. It was awesome. They also had  a little ice park that they made for kids to play on, which we obviously took advantage of. So it was a party and a half. 

The next day was transfer day! I was so excited to see people, and also terrified out of my mind to be leaving. But everything went well, my bags only weighed 43 and 46 pounds! (miracle.)  We got the Anchorage and who was there to pick me up? MY MOM!!!!!! Little Sister Morrison was there and we about died when we saw each other. It was a joyous reunion to be sure. At transfer meeting (aka my favorite thing in the whole world) I saw all my little friends and it was awesome. The meeting was great, and also super sad. Sister Lind is going home! If you remember, she was my companion in Juneau after Sister Morrison left. I love her to death, so it was really hard to say goodbye.  When they played the transfer slide-show and they showed pictures of me and Sister Johnstun and we were a crying mess and it was soooo embarrassing. President saw us crying and came and talked to us after. He assured us it would all be ok :)  Our Sister Training meeting was super duper good, probably the best one so far. The Spirit was booming, and I think everyone there was crying. Too many girls in one room. But it was great. And then we were headed to Wasilla! It's about an hour drive from Anchorage so it was pretty late when we got home. And I went straight to bed.

So this week hasn't been too bad. I've gotten to meet most of the ward council, along with an investigator and some less-actives. There isn't a ton of work to do here, but it's not bad. Sister Wright is a little stressed having to kind of be in charge until I get to know the area, but she's doing great. This ward is pretty cool, I already know I'm going to love it. The members just LOVE missionaries, and are very missionary minded. So that's super great. The ward mission leader's name is brother Dahl, so that's super funny. He'll never forget my name! But yep, we haven't really done much other than trying to get me introduced to everyone. so we've been busy. 

We also had a super cool experience on Saturday. The Sister went to get frozen yogurt a couple weeks ago and got to talking with the worker. She seemed interested and agreed to meet with them to learn some more about the church. So we met with her on Saturday! (in a Starbucks, haha) her name is Kaylee and she's 19. She's so cool, and loved everything we had to say. She asked a lot of questions which was great, and accepted a Book of Mormon! And we're actually going bowling with her later today! But she said she wants to learn more, so we have a new investigator! Woo hoo!!! IT was one of those moments when we were talking to her, where I just felt like a missionary and it was really cool. 

I also had a pretty neat experience yesterday. During my morning prayer, I prayed to have a spiritual experience during the sacrament. So during the sacrament, I was flipping through my scriptures, and had the thought to open up to D&C 122:7-9, when J.S. is in Liberty Jail. I had a cross reference written next to it for ROmans 5:3-4. So I read those and thought they were pretty neat. Well, after church we visited a less-active, who has a little bible calendar with a different scripture for every day. And the one for today was, Romans 5:3-4. So right after she shared that with us, I immediately  whipped out D&C 122 and shared that with her. She loved it, and talked about how true it is, and thanked me for sharing that with her. So it wasn't anything huge, and nothing big happened because of it, but it definitely was an answer to my prayer. Just a cool little moment where God was reminding me that He's there and He's listening :)

So this week hasn't been bad, it's just a transition. Which I hate. But it's all good. Lots and lots of prayers. Thank  you all for your love and support, I love you all to pieces!!! Sorry I ran out of time, but I'll send pictures next week. Wasilla is beautiful!!! Kinda reminds me of SLC actually.... pretty mountains. Love you!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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