Monday, March 16, 2015

Roller Coaster

Howdy there. So this week was quite the roller coaster. So here goes, I hope I can do a good enough job and remember everything that happened. 

First of all, have you all looked up the 'hastening the work of salvation in the Alaska anchorage mission" page on Facebook? Cause ya should. And share it! 

So, We had a pretty busy week, lots of lessons and great things like that. I love how we are able to stay busy! Thursday was pretty fun, we helped set up for the Relief Society birthday party they had, to celebrate the birthday of relief society! And, Kaylee came! We invited her and she was so excited to come. I was a little worried that no one would talk to her and that she would feel awkward with a bunch of older women, but it was a success! Everyone was talking to her and she was just so happy the whole time! Plus, a member invited her and us over for lunch!! Woo hoo it was so great! 

Saturday we had exchanges with the Anchorage STL's, Sister Watts and Sister Ogden, my besties from the mtc! I'm not gonna lie, I was really excited. I went to spend the day in Anchorage with Sister Ogden. It was really good to just be able to talk to someone and just kinda relax a little. But we had kind of a crazy experience. We went to go to an appointment with a less-active, with a member with us because he is a single male. We picked up the member and then showed up at his house. He opened the door and came running out, yelling at us. We were a bit confused. He was waving his hand at us, screaming that he had burned his hand. Sure enough, his hand was really burned. It was still smoking! It was really gross, but cool at the same time! He tried to get into our car, but that's a no no for mission rules. So the member we brought with us volunteered to drive him in his car to the emergency room. So we followed them there. He ran into the emergency room, and they took all 3 of us back there with him. Sister Ogden and I are both just super confused and surprised and can't believe this is all happening. So they took him back and the doctors looked at it and pronounced it as a 3rd degree burn. Keep in mind that this whole time, this guy (brother stalker) is yelling and screaming and groaning because it hurts so bad. So they give him all these drugs and treat the wound. It was super nasty and also cool to watch them peel off all the dead burned skin and stuff. (sorry, too much detail?) Once he was all bandaged up, we called the bishop and he and another guy showed up to give him a blessing. So it was kind of a cool experience because it was definitely a blessing that we showed up when we did to help him, and that he was able to receive a blessing.  Hand of God! So that took up most of the day. 

That night, we had stake conference back in Wasilla. I am obsessed with church meetings, it was so great! We had a general authority come, Elder Bussy of the 70. He is so cool! They talked about councils, family councils and ward councils and how important they are. It was awesome. I seriously love them to death. We got to shake Elder Bussy's hand after, so brush with fame. Sunday's session was awesome as well. They talked about forgiveness and having christ-like relationships with People. I think that one was for me. I really need to focus everything on just loving my companion and the people with a strong christ-like love. Love is the key to everything!!! So I'm going to work super hard on that. 

OH and then we had a big surprise that night. President called us to give us some news..... So Sister Morrison, my trainer, is going home a week and a half early so she can make the start of school. So, her trainee, Sister Strong is going to be joining me and Sister Wright for that week and a half until the end of the transfer. ...... anther trio?! aww man. I know that sister Morrison has been having the hardest time with Sister Strong, and that she's really struggling. So with Sister Wright and my relationship not being the strongest ever, this will just be icing on the cake. Pray of us my friends. It'll only be a week and a half, so I'm praying that it goes well. Sister Strong is still in her training, so I'm basically finishing her training. Weird. ahhh this will be a trip! I know that the Lord is teaching me a whole lot this transfer, and I pray that I can learn everything he wants me to. Hopefully this week goes better and we can grow in unity. 

That's about all the excitement for this week. Keep us in your prayers, it's gonna be quite the ride! I love you all. I love this work. I love the Lord and know that it's all in His hands. You're the best, have a fun week!

Love, Sister Dall :)

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