Monday, April 6, 2015

Hump Day


Ok, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. 9 months, holy moly I can't believe it! And it makes me sick, I can't be half way done with my mission!!!!!! WEIRD. But that's ok, because I'm never coming home :)

Anyway, this week was pretty good, we stayed super busy which is my favorite! We had a whole bunch of lessons, and I'm starting to get to know people more and more. So bowling last monday with Kaylee was a success! She was so happy to spend time with us, and we had so much fun. We set up another lesson with her for Saturday! BUT, we got a text on Friday that said she was going through a horrible tragedy, and couldn't meet with us for a few days. We don't know what's wrong, but we're keeping her in our prayers. 

My favorite part of the week was.... we got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh my obsession with the temple is out of this world! I love it so much! So we got to spend almost all day in Anchorage which was the best. We went to the 10 o'clock session and then went out to lunch with our district which was super fun. Then we stopped by the mission office. Oh my goodness I just love it there! All the sweetie little office couples were there and they are so awesome! They were all so happy to see us, especially me because I've been "exiled" my whole mission so I never get to see any of them. President and Sister Robinson were also there so we got to talk with them for a bit which was great! 

Oh man.... also Elder Taylor, one of the senior couples, printed off a horrible picture of me, the one where I'm holding a plate with the huge burger that I ate a couple weeks ago, and hung it in the office! So then everyone was commenting on it, and how they couldn't believe that I could eat that whole thing, and it was just #embarrassing. hahah oh man. I also saw the ap's, elder brown and elder babb. They're so cool. Elder Brown was my ZL in FBX, so we're good friends (he's the one from Bountiful who I think is in Shannon's stake!). 

Oh man, I almost forgot the most important news. This is huge, get ready for it. WE'RE GETTING IPADS!!!!!! Yep, it's true. The mission is converting to the digital world. I don't know if I should be excited or sad. It's going to be a GREAT tool that will help a ton, but I feel like it'll just be so different and not feel as missionary-ish. But yep, so that's happening. 

A cool thing that our ward is doing, is Bishop asked all the active families to have the missionaries over to teach them the first 3 lessons. So we've been going around doing that and it's been great! I love teaching all the families. We get to know them better, they become more familiar with the lessons and it's good practice for us. Might be a suggestion for our ward? It's been super cool. I really do love this ward and all the people.  Man, I'm so grateful I was born into a strong family in the church. I've been learning this stuff for as long as I can remember. I'm so grateful for such wonderful parents who have always taught by example. I have grown up living the gospel and it's a huge huge blessing for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks for all the prayers and love, you all are the BEST! 

I think that's about all the news for this week. The weather was pretty good my first week here, about in the 30's. But then it got really cold. And the wind. Oh man the wind! I hate the wind! Church was cancelled a few weeks ago because they had hurricane strong winds. Yep so it's the worst. But all part of the adventure!

 I love being a missionary with all my heart and love what I get to do each and every day. I love wearing my name-tag and being noticed as an authorized representative of Jesus Christ everywhere I go. I love how it's not weird for me to bring up religion when I talk to people, because that's what's expected. I love having members entrust us with  their friends to go and teach. I love knowing that the Lord trusts me enough to help in bringing about His work here in Alaska. I love Alaska! And all the wonderful, wonderful people I've met. I love making new friends. I love learning more and more about the gospel each and every day. 


Life is good. 

Love, Sister Dall 

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