Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Living in Frozen

Holy cow, I've been here for 18 weeks?? Time flys and I hate it.

Sooooo transfer calls. Yep. ahhhh so we got the call on Thursday night, and the first thing President says is, "So Sister Dall, do you like packing?" No President, who likes packing?! "because you're being transferred. The Lord would like you to serve in Wasilla, in the Colony ward with Sister Wright." Aaaaand there ya have it. So, I'm leaving the Fairbanks 5th ward, and my best friend Sister Johnstun. I knew one of us would leave, that 4 transfers together would be way too much to ask. But I was really really hoping to stay here for one more. It really and truly is the worst thing ever to leave an area, and this is only my second time doing it! And just when things were getting good! Denyse, Andrea, and the less-actives we were working with, not to mention the AMAZING members of this ward. I didn't think I could grow to love a ward as much as I loved the nugget falls ward, but it sure happened. It was the worst thing ever at church yesterday, saying goodbye to everyone that I've grown so close to. But here's a cool thing. It was fast and testimony meeting, so I got to bare my testimony one last time to the whole ward. haha and Sister Kurpakus got up and told the whole ward how much she loved me and would miss me, that was embarrassing. Oh, and Andrea finally came to church!!!! She stayed for 1st and 2nd hour but had to leave for 3rd. But she loved it all, and we set up another time to meet with her!!!!! I am beyond sad that I won't be able to teach her. She's going to be baptized, I just know it! 

So Wasilla is the second largest city in Alaska, after Anchorage. It has a Target and Arbys so woo  hoo! I'm actually going to the ward where Sister Johnstun was trained! So she's given me the scoop on everyone. And my new companion was Sister Johnstun's mtc companion!  I know that I'm going where the Lord wants me to go, but it's still hard to stay 100% positive. But I know it will all be ok. The Lord is going to teach me a lot these next 6 weeks. Sister Johnstun and I are devastated it be leaving each other. We sure had the time of our lives, living the dream! But I'll be a lot closer to her down in Wasilla, and should be able to see her on p-days so that's a miracle. 

Denyse had us over for lunch this week and it was the best. She has really bad health, so it took her 5 hours to make us potato salad and salmon salad sandwiches. The little sweetie. It was the worst saying goodbye to her. She cried, and it just made me so sad! But she promised she wouldn't forget me :) 

Ok and we did absolutely the funnest/coolest thing of our lives on Saturday. We did service out at North pole, harvesting ice!!!!! So remember at the beginning of Frozen how they're harvesting the ice? That's exactly what we did and it would incredible. We went out on a big 'ole frozen lake, where the ice was about 3 feet thick. There were men with chain saws cutting away, and it was our job to use big long poles with hooks at the end, to drag the ice through the water, to a fork lift that would stack in on the land. We also had to scweegy off the ice so that it wasn't slippery and no one would fall in.  How cool?!!! And it was snowing pretty good the whole time, and the only thing I could think was, "I'm in Alaska harvesting ice!!!!!!" It was a dream come true. 

And to top it off, we saw some amazing northern lights that night. It was Heavenly Father sending me off from Fairbanks in the best way possible. Miracle!!!!!

So, I hope you all have a fantastic week, and any extra prayers on my behalf would be accepted. I love you all and pray for you daily. Keep on keepin on, and remember the scripture in 1 peter 3:15. Always be looking for people to share the gospel with!!! Love you!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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