Monday, February 9, 2015


Good good week this week my friends!

So first off, we had MLC, which is always a personal favorite. I just love getting together (even if it's over skype) with all the leaders of our mission and discussing what we can do better to help out the missionaries in our areas. It's the best and there's always a super booming spirit.

These meetings just leave me with this huge pump up that gets me stoked about life and I LOVE IT! 

We didn't have a great week, as far as seeing investigators goes. It comes and goes in waves, and this week happened to be the week where no one could meet with us. But that's ok, because we had a HUGE miracle to make up for it! We got a call from an active member, about a friend she has, that approached her and started asking questions about our religion. She said she's been doing some research and ordered herself a BOM and a D&C and has been reading them, and comparing them with the Bible. She said she's at a point in her life where she wants some answers and she thinks our church might be able to do that. WOW!!!! So we got her number and called her. She is super super awesome and really excited to meet with us, this Friday! So we're praying that it goes well, and that we'll have a new investigator! And she's from Barbados, so that'll be cool telling her that my brother served his mission there! Woo hoo!

Other news... yes it's cold up here. It's been around -30 all week and the coldest it got was around -45. So we're hoping that doesn't last much longer. It's just so funny to see cars plugged in all over the place, or people will just leave their cars running. Oh, and we had cold weather cut-off in our ward in Fairbanks. If it's -30, they only have 2 hours of church. So we didn't have sunday school, kinda weird. 


Also, when it gets this cold, anything metal burns!!! I learned that the hard way. Don't pick up quarters that have been sitting in your freezing cold car, with your bare hands. So that's fun. 

We also went to Nenana yesterday for church, which was fun. It's just really cool to see such strong members in a little tiny town in the middle of Alaska, getting together and having church in -30 degree weather. So cool!

Welp, I think that' all for this week. Remember that I love all of you wonderful people, and you're all the greatest! I hope you have a wonderful week full of miracles and tender mercies! I love you!!

Love, Sister Dall :) 

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