Friday, February 20, 2015

The Best Life

This was a pretty stellar week my friends! First off, we met with Andrea! And she is by far the most incredible investigator I've ever met!!!! She's easily the definition of a 'golden' investigator. It was incredible! She's 100% ready to learn, and excited to learn, and has the desire completely to learn for herself and it's just so perfect I can't even handle it!!!! And she wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we were super pumped.... but then her car broke down so she couldn't come :( next week though! So we are gonna meet with her again and really start teaching her and I could't be more excited!!!!! 

Ahhhh being a missionary is the greatest thing of my life. On Valentines day, we went around hear-attacking people in the ward. It was super fun! #stealthy we also heart-attacked our investigator Denyse. She called today telling us how incredibly happy it made her, and how we will never know what we did for her. It was a super simple thing we did, but it made a big impact. So that was really nice to hear :) I love being a missionary, coolest thing of my life. 
Last night we saw some super good northern lights!!! It was incredible, I can't even describe it! It would have been like 100x better if we weren't in the city, but it was 10:00 so we couldn't leave. but it was still super super cool. And my camera didn't capture it very well, and I wish you all could have seen them. Too cool. 

So yesterday for p-day we went out to Chena Hot springs, a super famous resort place, with natural hot springs. I think it was on Samantha Brown.... but we went into their ice museum!!! Dude..... no words. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was!!!!!! look it up online or something because it was so cool! Imagine frozen, but in real life. It was the coolest thing of my life. 

Also, it's been sweltering up here. Today it is a whole 30 degrees!!!!!!! I can't believe the temperature can change so vastly so quickly.... mind blowing. But hey, I'm not complaining! woo hoo, over the winter hump! 

I think that's about all the excitement for this week. Oh, and we have transfer calls in 9 days!!!!! Let the stress begin. 
I love you all, you wonderful people. Thank you thank you for all the prayers, we can't get enough. Keep being awesome and expect those miracles! 

Love, Sister Dall :)

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