Monday, February 2, 2015

Courage, Zone Conference & Moose

Hello hello!

Well, this week was pretty normal. Pretty great, but pretty normal. The highlight for me, was ZONE CONFERENCE!!! I seriously live for stuff like that. Zone conference, zone meeting, mlc, transfer meeting, I love it all! So I was pretty pumped. 

President and Sister Robinson came up, along with the ap's which is always a fun time. The theme was courage. How perfect, that's just what I need! The Zone Leaders gave an amazing training on confidence, and having the courage to change. It was just what I needed, and the Spirit was super strong and I learned a ton. Then the Ap's gave a training, and each district got old white shirts, ripped them and made our own title's of liberty! It was really fun. I just love all the people here so much, and we always just have a party when we're all together, it's the best! Then President and Sister Robinson gave a training on courage. They talked about Abinadi and how he only converted one person, yet was an incredible missionary. But look what came from the one person he converted?! Ya never know. It was really cool. So it was a success, and I think everyone learned a lot. Then we finished with a testimony meeting which is always my favorite part. ahhh I just loved it all so much!!!!

One really cool miracle we had, was there's a returning less-active family here, who's husband got mixed up in some bad stuff, with false accusations and stuff. So he was scheduled to go to trial on Thursday, and he was facing a potential of 2-16 years in prison. So the night before, we went over to their house and offered to fast with them. They were so grateful and said yes! So we were wondering all day what had happened, and at the end of the day we got a text that said 'It all went well, no confinement!!" MIRACLE! So fasting and prayer totally works, it was just so awesome!!!!! 

One other thing, I'm not sure I've really talked about her, but we have an investigator that's been meeting with missionaries for like 2 years. She knows everything is true and really wants to be baptized. But, she and her 'husband' aren't married. They've been living together for a long time, and just haven't gotten around to it. And he's a member so it's weird. We're not sure what's holding them back but we're really prayer for them right now. So extra prayers for Paula and Eric to pick a date to get married, would be fantastic!! 

I think that's all the excitement for this week.  oh, and I finally saw my first Alaskan moose!!!!!! 2 in 2 days!! IT was really cool and I was really excited. Apparently they're super common in Anchorage and Wasilla, but I haven't served there yet so haven't seen any. till now! 

Well, have a fantastic week, and know that I'm praying for you all everyday. Keep the faith and expect miracles. I love you all SO MUCH!!!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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