Monday, January 26, 2015

it's COLD

Hello there!

So this week was pretty normal, nothing too exciting. 
oh wait.... 

KAYLEA'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. First of all, we had 23 set lessons last week, which was the biggest miracle ever! And only like 3 of them cancelled. It was craziness, that never happens up  here. So we were pretty stoked. Also, our dear friend the sun has decided it's time to start making a reappearance here, and we couldn't be happier. It got above the trees yesterday!!!!!!!! And it'll only get higher from here! BUT, it's for sure not getting any warmer. 

Today we have reached an all-time low for the coldest this winter. -40. Yes, that's right we have hit -40 degrees. The only word I can use to describe this would be... painful. I wan to cry it is so cold. But this is the real Alaska now! We hope it doesn't stay too long, and frankly we've been incredibly blessed it's taken this long to get that cold. But winter is almost over woo hoo! There's also this terrible stuff we call ice fog. All the exhaust, breath, and anything like that just goes in the air and freezes. It doesn't really evaporate or anything, it just kinda hangs in the air. So it's really hard to see on the roads, when the car in front of you lets out a huge cloud of exhaust and it just chills there in front of you (literally). So that's been fun. 

I took this at -31...and then it dropped to -40 -_-

Alright, and now on to the main event!!! So the morning of Kaylea's baptism, I was SO stressed!! I couldn't eat, I couldn't focus on anything because all I was thinking about was all the different things that could go wrong. Typical. But it was actually practically perfect. We showed up about an hour early, and our ward mission leader was there filling up the font. We were a little worried he would forget, but he didn't! So we printed the programs, and then as soon as Kaylea got there, we got her changed and then took pictures. ahhh so fun!! The program went great. Little Kaylea looked so happy coming out of that water! I honestly don't think I've ever been so happy in all my life. There is really and truly no better feeling, than  helping others come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. There was a very tangible spirit there that I hope everyone felt, especially the non-member dad. I think he did. So, it was all a success! And yesterday was the confirmation! Their other home teacher, brother Nixon, did the confirmation. It was a beautiful blessing, with some pretty amazing promises. The dad (joe) also came to that, and it was only the second time he's ever been to church. So that was a miracle for sure. But oh man, Kaylea was just glowing after her confirmation. It was incredible!!!! Greatest thing of my life. And her whole family just all looked so excited and so happy, it was the best! Their family is amazing and making such a huge change woo hoo! 

Also, we picked up a new investigator this week! Her name is Payton and she is the definition of a golden investigator. She's in the 1st ward boundaries, but since she's a 16 year old girl, the elders passed her to  us. She said she's been searching for a church because she wants religion in her life, and she was interested in learning more about our church. She said she just didn't know where to start. With the missionaries!!! So we taught her the first lesson and it went great. She's excited to read the B of M and can't wait to go to mutual on wednesdays, she's really excited about that. So we're praying that continues to go well! 

I don't think there's anything else to report, but be sure to ask any questions you have. I love answering questions! Thank you thank you for being so awesome, and for all the emails each week. I am truly blessed with amazing people in my life. 

Love you all, and expect miracles!
Love, Sister Dall :)

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