Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lately from the North Pole

First of all.... HOLY MIRACLE WEEK!!!! 

I can't even handle the amount of miracles we saw, it's mind blowing. But I'll do my best to tell you about them all. 

First off, we had trainer/trainee meeting over skype, where all the trainers and trainees meet with the ap's and president to just have a little training. Sister Johnstun and I went and gave a training on staying positive! It was great. Another random thing, the other night we both couldn't fall asleep. It was 11:30 and we realized we were both famished. So, naturally we got up and made a sandwich. That hit the spot. I'm so glad I have a companion that loves food as much as I do. 

Anywho...We went on exchanges last week, and I got to go to the North Pole! IT was so fun!! The little North pole is so cute, I just loved it. All the Christmas decorations everywhere, the Christmas named streets and the candy cane light posts lining every street, it was magical. And we went to THE north pole! Don't worry, I got a picture with it. And of course, I licked it!! 

And... my tongue definitely got stuck to it....  and it hurts really bad from ripping it off. But hey, I had to do it right? Now I can say I've licked the north pole. 

So Miracle #1! We were driving on our way to visit some less actives, and I had the thought to go and try and investigator that had been meeting with the missionaries for about 3 years, that we haven't been able to see the whole time we've been up here yet. So we followed the prompting, and totally met her!!! And we set up a lesson for tonight!!!! So exciting. 

Miracle #2. So we were having a freak out moment, and decided to try texting the Daltons, to tell them that church was not at 9. She texted back and said they would try to make it to church!!! They didn't end up coming, but hey we made contact!! 

Miracle #3 There's a family called the Adairs, who are in 6th ward but requested sisters, who we also haven't been able to set anything up with for the past 11 weeks. (terrible, I know) but she texted US and asked if we could meet with her tomorrow!! So we have 2 lessons set up with investigators that we've never met before! 

Miracle #4 A less active we've been trying and trying to get in contact with finally texted us back and set up a lesson for Thursday!! We couldn't believe it! So we have a bunch of lessons scheduled for this week, all with people we've really been trying to see. So many miracles I can't even handle it. And then... we had about 5 less active families show up to church yesterday, that have NEVER come to church while we've been in FBX. It's basically  just the best. 

So now I really can't get transferred!! And we get the call in 3 days... Pray I stay here! I  hope S. Johnstun and I both stay, but she's feeling like she's leaving. But I guess we'll see! This work is amazing and I feel so so privileged to be a part of it here in Alaska. I just love being a missionary!!!! Keep up the great work back in the lower 48, and EXPECT MIRACLES! Because they come :)

Love always, Sister Dall 

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