Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm going to freeze...

Alright everyone, here we go. 

We got our transfer calls Thursday night. 

Sister Lind will be staying in Juneau and training a new missionary. 
And I'm.... 
Going to FAIRBANKS!!!! 

Holy cow can you say freezing???? 

I'm going to diiiiiieeeeee. 

Seriously, I think right now it's like 7 degrees there. But that's not all. I will be greenie breaking Sister Johnston, (that means she just finished her training) we are white-washing in, and I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader. To say that I am a nervous stressed mess would be an extreme understatement. Holy cow I'm freaking out!!!! I'm leaving my home Juneau!!!! I was so upset when President told me. I said "President, are you sure??" and he said "Sister Dall, the Lord is sure". Well shoot, can't argue with that. Man it's just the worst though!! I won't see Sarah baptized!! Or any of the other cool people we are teaching. 

Oh ya!!! We totally set Ramona a soft baptismal date, for the last weekend of November!!! So cool! But yes I am very very sad. My last Sunday in the good old Nugget falls ward was very sad. Then I had to go around to everyone and tell them goodbye. 

Dang this is the worst. 

But I was praying all week that I would be happy with my transfer call, because I had a feeling I was leaving. So I'm not too upset, I am a little excited to go meet new people and have a VERY different experience. The new responsibilities I will have will sure test me, but the Lord is going to teach me lots of things, I'm sure of it. So this will be quite the adventure. BUT I will see the Northern lights!!!!! Hooray!!! The winter is the best time to see them, and Fairbanks is where people go to see them. So expect pictures! So, yes I am so so sad to be leaving so pray that everything goes smoothly with my first week in Fairbanks. I will be spending tomorrow in anchorage AND I get to go to the temple!!!!! Oh man it's been too long!!!! It's been 4 1/2 months, separation anxiety. Ok sorry not anything else super exciting happened this week. But I will let you know how my first week up north in the frozen tundra goes. 

I love you all lots and lots and appreciate all the prayers and emails each week. I have the greatest family on this sweet green earth, keep it up!! 

Love, Sister Dall 

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