Monday, November 3, 2014


woooo here we go friends!!! 

So I'm in Fairbanks! Man, monday was so fun though. We went to nugget falls again because we were so blessed with a sunny day. So we played Frisbee on the beach with a waterfall and glacier behind us while we watched the sun set for about 3 hours. It was a BLAST! 

Great way to finish out in little Juneau. But I was ever so sad to leave. I had to say goodbye to everyone....
Sarah and her family
Bishop and his family

I told sister Lind she would have to drag me onto the plane, and she did. The flight was cool, it's awesome to fly over all the snow-capped mountains and it was just as the sun was rising. 

We arrived in Anchorage and went to the mission home. We got to go downstairs and meet all the new little missionaries and try and comfort the poor little things. They looked terrified. Oh the days... but it was super fun, and we got to watch them meet their trainers and it was the best! #perksofbeinganstl 
ran into most of her MTC group at transfers

Then I found my new comp sister Johnstun! She is so cute, but still a little shy. She hasn't quite opened up all the way, I can tell she's a little nervous being away from her mom, sister Dill. But she's great! Then we got to go to the temple!!! OH my word I almost cried the moment I walked in. It felt oh so good to be back. The session was great and I spent a good 30 minutes just chilling in the celestial room. 

The next day we were off to the airport and to Fairbanks! The flight was ok, but we were in this tiny little plane that I thought for sure wouldn't make it. 

But, we did, never fear. 

When we got there it was about 2 degrees. YIKES!!! But it actually wasn't too bad, your nose hairs just freeze when you breath which is the weirdest sensation. So it's typically around 10 degrees, but the other day it got up to 25 and we were all celebrating for how warm it was! 

We live in a basement apartment of some members, and we live with the other 2 sisters serving here, sister Moore (who came out with me) and sister Torgeson, who are both super awesome. So all four of us just have a party all the time and it's the best! 

So our first couple of days have been interesting, not knowing anything or anyone. We're all trying to figure stuff out and it's a bit of a mess. But the elders let us borrow their GPS which is a miracle because without it we would never get around. There was a Halloween party on Friday which was super fun, and good to get to know the ward a little bit. 

Yes this week has been crazy and this coming week will be as well. Thank you so much for the prayers, I really did feel them, keep em' coming!! 

I miss Juneau so much, but I know I'm here for a reason so it will all be ok. It's just a little hard going from somewhere that I knew EVERYONE and everything about them, to somewhere that neither me or my companion know anything about. The Lord is with us though and I'm certainly learning a lot! I love you all so so much!!
Love, Sister Dall 

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