Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 11!

Holy cow, it's week 11! I can't believe it. 

This week was actually pretty rough. Just very slow, and we don't have nearly as much work as we would like. But hey, it's just a trial of our faith that we are pressing through and learning from! I've decided that I'm very glad I brought rain gear because I've forgotten what it's like to live without constant rain. And since we will probably be tracting for the next 2 weeks, hopefully it will all keep me dry. Interesting news, there are some people going around pretending to be LDS missionaries, in white shirts and ties and teaching people ani-mormon things. Talk about prophecies being fulfilled, false prophets! We don't know what to really do about it though. There's also a local christian radio here and someone told us the other day that they were talking about lds sister missionaries walking around Juneau and that we couldn't teach about the Holy Ghost because we didn't know enough about it. Funny cause then we showed up to bro Ullmayer's house and taught a lesson on the holy ghost...

Other news, we had a lesson with Sarah the other day and she's still doing so great. Big news.... David read some of the book of Mormon!!!!! It's a straight up miracle!!!!! His heart is just being softened right before our eyes, and Sarah can see it too. Prayer works!!!! So I know it's only a matter of time before the whole family is baptized, just hope I'm around to see it. 

Last P-day the elders decided they wanted me to teach them ballet, so we had a mini ballet lesson which equaled the funniest thing of my life. I was dying laughing. Then they wanted me to show them how to stretch. Also hilarious. 
So not a very eventful week, just pray for us that we will find more work soon!! Poor sister Morrison has been here in Juneau for 7 months and is about to throw in the towel. 

I love and miss you all, and don't worry about me. It's hard, but that's all part of the mission. I'm learning and being shaped into the person the Lord want's me to be. Sacrifice brings for the blessings of heaven, and then we can expect miracles!!!

Love, Sister Dall

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