Friday, August 29, 2014

Open houses

Week 10??? Dude we're in double digits here!!

So this week has been oh so crazy. We had the church open house thursday friday and saturday and then a fireside yesterday. So tuesday was spent getting all our displays and everything ready. Sister Morrison and I were in charge of a book of mormon and bible display, and a missionary board with all the people living in Juneau and where they've served. Lot's of work. Then wednesday we spent ALL day tracting with the open house cards, and calling all our less-actives and active members to remind them about it, and to bring all their friends. Tracting was quite the experience. Luckily it was sunny!! About 74 degrees, HEAVENLY! I think we got tan lines on our feet. But we met some interesting people. 

One lady yelled at us (more like screamed) to get off her property and take all our crazy morman stuff with us and to never step foot near her again. Another man answered the door holding a gian shot gun. Don't worry, we sweet talked him into putting the gun down, and he ended up agreeing to come to the open house! So ya know, a day in the life. 

endless open houses with my district

So after hours of work, standing around and trying to corner people into giving us their contact info, giving countless tours of the building, helping the elders with their display because of course they didn't do it on their own, calling and tracting all over Juneau and saying more prayers than I thought possible.... 

The open house is over! 

And... 0 referrals. 
0 contact info. 

But hey, we tried our very best, and I think we planted some seeds. It's just a little disapointing but The Lord obviously has something else in mind. but I'm glad it's all over. 

The musical fireside last night was the perfect way to end it all. It was soooo good. Oh! We also had to speak in church yesterday, and teach sunday school and bear our testimonies at the fireside. Talk about stressful. Plus I'm sick so it's just been the best. Not too sick, but enough that it's annoying and all I want to do is sleep for days. But the work continues! I'm excited to get back to normal missionary work this week, and see who the Lord is preparing for us.

We had another lesson with sarah, and she basically told us she would be the perfect mormon. So we asked her to pray to see if God wants her to be baptized. She said she would, I'm so stoked to see what she says! And, her husband read some of the B.O.M!!! This is downright a miracle. So that's super exciting.

Oh, I also passed my little drivers test so I know have an official Alaska drivers license! Praise the heavens, the picture on my last one was frightening. So ya that's super cool and stuff.

I pray for you all everyday, and think of you often. Hope you're all keeping busy, and remember to spread the gospel, and work with the missionaries, because they need your help!!! You are the best! 
Love you!!
Love, Sister Dall

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