Monday, August 18, 2014

Open House

Alright, wow, week 9?!!! Time sure does fly when you're having fun!
So this week wasn't too exciting. I mean we did get about 10 inches of rain just this week, and had flood warnings. 

It never stopped raining, and sister Morrison and I highly considered building an arc -_-

But that's the norm for the rain forest that is Juneau Alaska. It's starting to get dark at night time. Like legit dark. Pretty sure most of it is the constant cloud cover, but still. I'd forgotten what darkness looked like, but saw it last week, weird. 

So for our investigators.... We weren't able to meet with Sarah this week because she's been busy, but she wants to meet twice this week to make up for it, she's on fire!! Not sure what the status of her husband is yet, but we're still praying for him. (his name is david) But the biggest thing this week is we have the open house and tours for the new church building. We have been tracting up the wazoo, and making everyone tell their friends and relations, so we are praying super hard we have a great turn out. Our district is going to fast all day Wednesday so that will be the best! We need the work to pick up here in Juneau so pray that we get a ton of work out of this open house!! 
tracting with these cards for DAYSSSSS

Brother Ullmayer prayed this week, on his own!!!!!!!!! Praise the heavens, it's a Christmas miracle!! And... he came to church again!!! This is big. We kind of laid down the law last lesson, and I think it's getting him going a bit more. 
Loy and Ludy kinda half dropped us. :( They said they were 99 percent mormon already and didn't want to get baptized so we should spend our time talking with people who didn't believe all this stuff. But we told them we'll keep meeting with them every other week. Hopefully they Holy Ghost will confirm to them that they need to be baptized into this church!

So the other day it was raining really hard, all of our appointments had fallen through so we went tracting. We were both pretty upset and just not excited at all. But when we got back in the car after tracting for about an hour, we had a voicemail from an unknown number. It was some lady that we had tracted, and left an open house card with, and she said she just wanted to thank us for our willingness to serve God, and even though she's not Mormon, she knows how hard it must be for us, and just wanted to commend us. Wow, it was so cool!!! It just made our day and made everything worth it. Tender mercy!

Sister Morrison also refers to me as her baby dall so that's fun. 

Ok so there's this amazing talk in the ensign this month about why we do missionary work. If you haven't read it yet, you should. It's on pg. 35 and it's amazing. Then read these scriptures, 1 Peter 2:21, 3:15, 4:8. I thought it was awesome. 
Glad to hear the house is almost done, how exciting!! You all are the best, thanks for the prayers, they are helping a ton! Keep hastening the work of salvation, and EXPECT MIRACLE
Sister Dall

​John Bytheway came to visit us!!!!! (awkward gap)

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