Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hello hello again! 

Wow, so this week was completely full of MIRACLES

Left right and center they were thrown at us and it was the best! Sister Morrison and I decided for this transfer we were going to work super hard and be diligent and obedient to the max so that we could bring miracles. So during the week we saw a ton of people that we normally could NEVER meet with so that was a ton of little miracles. 

On wednesday we got the impression to text Sarah and ask her if she wanted a personal tour of the new church. (she still has never come to church). She said 'yes! When???" oh my gosh we were so excited! So we set it up for Thursday, and she texted back 'i'm going to try and get my husband there, pray for him'. holy cow. So her husband is almost anti-mormon because he really doesn't like the church, and is comfortable in his church which he's been raised in his whole life. So we prayed super hard all day. We got to the church a little bit early the next day so we could make sure everything was ready. We said a prayer before Sarah came, and low and behold we watch as Sarah AND her husband get out of their car!!!!! It was the biggest miracle! He was soooo nice and asked a lot of questions, it was the best. After we ended in the chapel, and let them sit in quiet for a bit and just ponder. We went up and shared a scripture with them and then just answered questions and talked. they stayed there for a good 30 minutes, and we could tell it was because of the spirit that they felt. 

Oh man, it was just the coolest. 
Pray for them!

Another cool miracle is that we went over to an active member's house for dinner the other night, and there was a 24 year old kid there that was staying with them for some reason. The wife of the family who's house it was had basically taught him the first 2 lessons, and then asked us to tell him a little bit about what we do as missionaries. So we had dinner, and then the families daughter had a friend over that we've been teaching. So we decided to teach her the next lesson. (yes I had no idea we would be teaching her so I was so grateful I'd already taught lesson 3 and didn't need to prepare) This kid (harrison) decided to sit through the lesson, participated and asked a bunch of great questions. And... he totally came to church yesterday!! It was the coolest! He's definitely here for a reason and the Lord is preparing him. So cool! Se we'll see if anything happens with that.  

Oh, so John Bytheway came last week to give a devotional, because he was on a cruise here. It was the best. We saw him coming up to the building just as we were getting there, and he shook our hands. He asked us where we were from, and I told him Salt Lake. He looked at my nametag and put it together. He goes 'Avery is your sister'. and I said yep! So then he got all excited and insisted we take a selfie. So he did, and then sent it to his wife to send to his daughter Ashley, so Avery find out if that picture ever got to her. Super fun! 

We went to visit a new couple that moved into the ward last week, and the wife mentioned that she had an old car down in their garage. Dad, you will appreciate this. I made her take me out to see it, a 1963 firebird. I was dying. I wanted to ask her to start it up so I could hear that engine, but I decided not to since it was like 9 at night. I also had the hardest time not watching a college football game that was on tv. :(

Our landlord also brought us over some alaskan king crab. The real deal. Needless to say I was excited.

So this week was a miracle week, we had 8 investigator lessons, which is a big deal for Juneau. We are just busy hastening the work!!!! 

Keep up the great missionary work in good old Salt Lake. Remember that the Lord rewards everyone, not just missionaries, when we are obedient to His commands.

Look for the miracles that are in your life EVERYDAY. 

Because they are there.

I love you all so so so so much, have a great week!!
Love, Sister Dall

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