Monday, August 4, 2014

Loving Juneau

Hey hey hey, last week of the transfer!! 

But I'll probably still be here for another transfer because I'm in training. We get transfer calls on friday so we'll see.. man the time goes by fast. You trekies sound like you've had a blast. I'll admit I am a wee bit jealous. That sounded so cool! But then I remember I'm in alaska where it's a steady 65 degrees with a light mist, gigantic mountains all around, bears wandering the streets with bald eagles overhead and I'm spending every waking hour thinking about the gospel. So nope, I win!! Haha jk. 

This week was again full of miracles. The biggest was our investigator Sarah. We taught her about Prophets last week and this week we when we met with her again, she told us that she got on and looked up conference talks and listened to like 3!!!!! We didn't even tell her to! Like who does that?? And she listened to the best ones, pres Monson's about Love is the essence of the gospel, and it talks about Juneau! MIRACLE!! So needless to say when we got in the car we blasted when you believe from prince of egypt. It was so cool. And she just keeps saying how she's excited to see what the Lord has in store for her. 

I wanted to yell, 

"This gospel!!!!!" 

but decided not to. 

Oh, other cool thing, we totes had an earth quake!!!!!! My first one!!!!! It was at like 3 in the morning, and woke us up. It was a 6.3 in Gustavis which is about 75 miles away from us. And it lasted for about a minute. Coolest thing ever!!!! 
Another fun thing we do here is go work at the state archive building with 2 senior couples. They photograph Alaskan records and put them up for people to index. So we go over there once a week to help out. The Brinkerhoffs live upstairs from us and are from Manti and are obsessed with fishing. The Schwantes are from Kodiak and are the cutest. So that's fun! 

Oh, I also finally had some moose meat!!! It's so good! I love it a lot. 

Alright, this week I wanna talk about talents. How the Lord has blessed each of us with specific talents for specific reason. I think that the talents we are blessed with are clues as to what He wants us to do here on the earth. Just think about that a little. We also have many talents that we don't realize as talents. Not just things like music and sports, but better things like attributes and that stuff. So be on the look out this week for what the Lord has blessed you with, and why He might have blessed you with it. 

Also remember that The Lord doesn't measure height, He measures growth. I've thought about that a lot whenever I get down on myself for not being as good a missionary as I would like. It's all about the journey here, not the destination.

You all are the bees knees, and I love you!!
Sister Dall

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