Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New Jeep and a New Mission President

Can you believe it's already week 5?? Only 2 more weeks in the transfer, man times goes too fast!
Biggest news of the week, we finally got to meet President and sister Robinson!!!!!!!!!!
Oh. My. There are no words that can describe how amazing they are, and how much I love them! Seriously, I've tried in my journal but I cannot explain how much love it fills me with to just think about them. 


They flew in on Wednesday, and all of us met them at the airport with a big banner. They almost started crying and said that was the sweetest thing. Yay first impressions! haha then we had to let them drive our BRAND NEW JEEP so they wouldn't have to rent a car. Yes, we got our jeep! it's soooo nice, we love it! 

So we had a testimony meeting with Pres on Thursday and then personal interviews. President said, 'sister Dall, we have the next 17 months together, and we are going to be great friends.' Oh my, I am stoked!!! They are both so personable, it's the greatest. And little sister Robinson is just the cutest. I feel like they are my second parents already. 

So that night, we took sis. Robinson to a lesson with us. We took her to our crazy investigator, Ramona. She's from the Dominican Republic and you can hardly understand her, plus she has 3 insane kids. And when I say insane, I mean insane. They never have a lack of energy and just chuck stuff at you, and yell and are... wow. So we were a little nervous to take sis robinson there, but we felt like we should. Oh my, she was the sweetiest sweety with them. It was a crazy lesson, but she did awesome. I got the little 7 year old to say the prayer at the end which was good. When we were walking out, we were all ready to start appologizing to her, but she almost started to cry, saying that was the coolest thing for her to be a part of. She said she was so proud of us, and that we are truley missionaries called of god. So like, yay that was good!! She just went on and on about it. Then driving home, we turned a corner and a big bear was just chillin, walking across the road. It was so cool! And of course we all freaked out and started trying to get our cameras, but we didn't get them in time. But sis Robinson was so excited to finally see a bear! When we took her back to their hotel, President was pulling up with the elders. And of course sis. Robinson just ran and told them everything that happened, it was so cute. The next day we had to say goodbye to them at the airport, and we were so sad. But yep, that was the greatest!!
Oh man, last p-day all the missionaries got together at the church to play games. We played ultimate spoons, where the spoons are hidden throughout the church. Dude it was so intense. I had a gnarley bruise on my face from an elders elbow for about a week, but it's gone now. We don't mess around when it comes to spoons, it was legit.

I had to speak in chuch yesterday, so that's cool. I think it went pretty well, I don't even remember what I said. It was on preparing our families for missionary work!
So miracle for the week. (out of the millions)
We were at our investigator Sarah's house for a lesson, and she had invited her friend over, who decided to stay for the lesson. Her name is Blayn. She was asking so many great questions, and we were so excited to give her a bom and some pamphlets. She told us about her friend that just got sealed in the temple, so we talked about temples and she got so pumped. It was all we could do not to jump out of our seats for joy! We were soooo excited, missionaries dream!!! This is the life, seriously! And it totally made every bad day worth it! ahhhhhhhhh so cool.
Also I've been thinking a lot about how sorry I am for the rest of you that don't get to see beautiful Juneau everyday, and I do. Seriously, we get up everyday and see the HUGE mountains, with clouds just resting right at the bottom, with the lake around them. Pictures just don't even come close, so ya know, we'll just have to come back here. Summer, 2016! And the sun came out today!!!! I can count on one hand how many times I've seen the sun since I've been here. It's a miracle!
So for your assignemnt this week you need to look up Elder Scott's talk in the June 2014 Ensign. It's about prayer, and it's sooo cool. He talks about different answers we revieve to our prayers and I think it's awesome. Lemme know your thoughts on it.

Remember, I love you all dearly. I hope that continues to move forward! 
Keep being missionary minded and remember, we as members of the church are called to invite. The Spirit is the teacher, but we have to invite!!

Kisses sweeties!
Sister Dall

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