Sunday, July 20, 2014

Juneau Week 4

Sup yo homies,

This week I've found myself reciting that well written poem I wrote when I was a youngster... 

The day has come, the sky is gray, it's gonna rain. 

And everyday, I'm right! Apparently June was the wettest june Juneau has ever seen. So the other day, it was down pouring. In Juneau, it's always a constant misty rain. But it was pouring buckets. There's a famous glacier here, the Mendenhal glacier, perhaps you've heard of it. But it has slowly been receding which caused a lake to form at the top of the basin. Well, with all the rain, it was filling too much, and exploded. So millions of gallons of water came crashing down the river that usually ran smoothly, into the valley. It was crazy. The streets were flooded everywhere, and people were being evacuated. So that day we received about 7 inches of rain, which is the most ever recoreded for one day here.

Also, we were tracting in it. Just imagine 3 little sweetie sisters walking down streets knocking on peoples doors while the rain is almost literally washing us away. Good thing I had those awesome waterproof boots and nice trench coat!! Oh and I tripped over nothing and face planted it. Yep, I looked real good when we showed up to our dinner appointment and the right side of my body was drenched. Well, more drenched than the rest. 

Anywhoo....other things. I'm now a pro at texting on a classy flip phone. Which is also invincible because we dropped it in a puddle and didn't know it and found it like an hour later and it's still alive. Oh, big news....

FRIDAY WAS MY ONE MONTH MARK. Woo hoo!!!!!!! Can't even belive it.

We taught Brother Ullmayer last week, the restoration. Man, it was insane. He hasn't been receptive to missionaries before, but I think he's starting to finally get it. So I got to recite Joseph Smith's first vision to him, and I can't even describe the kind of spirit that I was feeling. I was almost in tears, yet I couldn't breath because the spirit was so strong. So that was super cool. 

Also, our other investigaor Sarah, had some super cool experiences that she knows had the Lords hand in them. She is being prepared by the Lord, we have no doubt. But her husband is really not liking her meeting with us, so she doesn't want to commit to baptism to keep him happy. So pray to soften his heart. But there were so many miracles this week!! 

Oh, and there are cute little Dall sheep all the time just chillin on the mountains. It's the coolest, and people always point them out to me. It's the best because we work in the valley, and literally right at the foot of these huge mountains that are sooooo pretty. And when it's raining (almost always) there are clouds and fog just wrapping around them perfectly, I wish you guys could see how beautiful it is. 

It's so crazy to see how much I've changed, just in one month. I don't have any of the same desires like I used to. I don't care about not watching tv, or seeing movies. I don't care about not listening to music. All I want is to see the people here we are working with progress. It's 100% the Lord's hand. I love it!!

Ok, to follow up from last week, how did you do? Was your sabbath day more holy?? Great!!
So this week I wanted to talk about member missionary work, because it's made the hugest difference here. S
eriously, we would have almost nothing to do if it weren't for the constant missionary efforts being made by our awesome ward. Just because I have a nametag it doesn't mean you can't all do this wonderful work. Work with the missionaries in our ward/stake. Help them out. Always be looking for people to teach or share the gospel with. Pray everyday for missionary opportunities, because they will come. And i'll be checking in next week to see how you do!! 

Never forget how much I love you all, keep hastening the work of salvation!!
Sister Dall

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