Monday, July 7, 2014


Hey hey hey, how is it in the lower 48?
That's what we Alaskans call y'all down south.

Soooo where to begin?? So Sister Morrison is from Long beach California and Sister Dill is from Idaho Falls. Totally a cowgirl that lived on a farm.
So it doesn't rain EVERYDAY. But it's overcast almost everyday, and rains like 5 out of 7 days. Little info about Juneau, it's about 550 miles from the mission office in Anchorage, and Canada is about 10 miles away from us. There are a ton of polys here and they're so cool. Our zone consists of Juneau, Sitka, Wrangle, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Metacatla, Whitehorse, and Scagway. All of them have to Skype in for meetings so the only missionaries we ever see are the 4 other elders.

Our ward is the Nugget Falls ward and lemme tell you, they are the Seriously, coolest ward of my life. All super missionary minded, which is why there's so much success here. We get about 15 member findings a week, which is super cool!! Also, our bishop, bishop Levitt is off the wall incredible. He was a missionary here and about a year ago he and his wife had a strong impression they needed to move here. So they dropped everything in Utah and moved here about 6 months ago. 3 months later he was made bishop, and about 2 weeks ago he was a huge help in baptizing a family that the sisters taught. He said that that was the reason he moved here, and it's just incredible how awesome he is.

So people here in AK are super crazy and hilarious. All the houses are ghetto and made of wood because brick would grow too much moss and mold I guess. They are all super mountain men, free spirits and all natural. Here's a typical lesson with a less active. Sitting on a nasty couch as 3 screaming children run rampant. One boy pulls off him pants and underwear and starts running around naked. One chucks a stuffed dinosaur at our heads and the mom is trying to serve us lemonade, not even trying to contain the children. So a stripping lemonade party in Jurassic park. Very normal. Also I'm being devoured by mosquitoes. I might go insane. It looks like I have a disease. Any other questions??? Ask away. And write me letters!! Packages are also so great.

Ok, miracle of the week. The other day a member told us to drop by her friends house who wasn't a member. So we did. She wasn't interested and said if she wanted to know more she could ask her Mormon friends. So we didn't think much of it and left. Later that week someone told us that that lady had been reading in the bible earlier that day and read something about 3 sisters that would meet her. And lo and behold the trio of sister showed up at her door. SUPER COOL. So that right there could be why I'm in a trio.

Thought of the week:
How much thought do you put into the Sabbath day? We know there are things we're not supposed to do, but how often do we remember what we are supposed to do? Don't get me wrong, sunday naps are the best. But maybe just for 30 minutes. We have been told not to abstain from certain things on sunday, but be feeding ourselves spiritually all throughout the day. visiting people, studying, listening to conference talks, reading the friend and ensign, all that good stuff. And also, talk about what you learned in church at dinner. Then, talk about it through the week. Sometimes sunday just stays on sunday. But we learn what we learn so it can help us throughout the week. And then SHARE WHAT YOU LEARN. I'm telling ya, that's the way to successful missionary work. We don't find investigators from tracting. It's all from member missionary work. 

You can do it!

You all are the best. keep being awesome and try not to miss me too much. haha Love ya!!

Sister Dall

 Pday hiking...with a selfie at it's finest

 Celebrating the 4th of July

1st Bear sighting!

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