Sunday, July 6, 2014


Alrighty, the moment you've all been waiting for, where I've been assigned!!! But first, let me tell you what happened before I arrived and got assigned and all that.
This will probably be long, so sorry. 
We flew from SL to Seattle and then had a 3 hour layover and then flew to Anchorage. When we got there, the mission president and his wife were there with 4 sisters. They were all so welcoming and happy, it was the best. And sister Hart was there! So that was fun to see here. 

Oh my. 


No words or pictures could ever do it justice. The mountains are huge and way prettier than Utah. And everything is so green. So They took us to the mission office where we had a 3 hour orientation. Remember that we had been up since 4 so we were running off of like 3 hours of sleep. So that was hard to sit through. Also they were telling us that we were basically going to be killed by either a bear, moose, earthquake, driving on a foot of ice or an avalanche. Scary stuff that's legit. So the next morning we went back to the mission home and had another training and then... we got to meet our trainers!!! Drum role please... I'm serving in JUNEAU!!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!! And my sweetie little trainer is the cutest! She's so nice, and super happy all the time, and I just love her! Her name is sister Morrision. But wait, there's more. We're in a trio!! The other sister is sister Dill. (yes people think it's hilarious to say sister dill and sister dall, ahaha) She's super awesome too! And she's really tall so people call us the twin towers. But I actually love being in a trio, it's the best. Not awkward at all and having two people help me figure stuff out is the best. 
So then we all headed over to the temple for transfer meeting. Then all the sisters got to go to the temple!! It's the tiniest temple of my life. But it was really great. I'll admit, the first two days were kinda rough. just a ton of information and I was feeling really overwhelmed and scared to be with new people cause I loved my district so much. But the temple helped a TON. I sat in the celestial room for a solid 20 minutes just praying to feel peace. And guess what, I did!!! Prayer works people! 
The next day we went to the airport for Juneau! Man, Juneau is literally the most beautiful place. It's a super small town that reminds me of utah cause it's surrounded by huge mountains. like a little valley. There are bald eagles everywhere and supposed to be tons of bears. Haven't seen one yet. So, long story short, this week has been awesome. I have met most of the ward and they are the coolest. literally the greatest ward. Member missionary work here is on fire. Seriously, we're not doing it right in Utah. I'll elaborate more in a letter or something, but we get about 4 member findings a day. I've already taught 3 investigator lessons and invited one to be baptized!!! She said eventually, so I'm gonna count that as a yes. I literally LOVE being a missionary. It is the greatest thing of my life. So rewarding, and I've only been here one week! My comps are the greatest, and sister Morrison is a great trainer. Everyday is a new adventure for sure. The weather here was sunny for like 2 days but everyone said that was weird. usually it's overcast and raining, which it is right now. It stays about as light as dusk in Utah so that's cool.  

But yep, I love it here so much. We get fed by members almost every night so that's awesome. No weird food yet, not even fish but I'm sure that will come. Everyone should send me a letter, I haven't gotten any here in Alaska.  Alright, I gotta peace out. But I love and miss you all. Sorry I probably won't get around to pictures but for SURE next week. Keep the prayers coming, I can definitely feel them. You are all the BEST and do member missionary work, it helps SO MUCH. Kisses!!!!!

Love, Sister Dall 

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