Saturday, June 14, 2014

From the MTC

Howdy howdy!!
Holy cow, where even to begin??! I have now been in the MTC for almost 3 days, but it feels like it's easily been 3 weeks. It's true, time here is different. But it's oh so good. Imma try and be as honest as possible in this email because people always say you sound happier in emails than you really are. The first day is kinda a blur. Just everything happened so fast I didn't even have time to stop and think what was going on. But I met my comp, the 2 other sisters in my room and District, and the 4 other elders in our district. First off, my comp sister Watts is such a gem. Literally the biggest blessing. Having a bad comp was what I was most worried about but the Lord blessed me with Sister watts to ease the transition. She is the same person as me. We both LOVE food and eat so much. 
I've also said about 73 1/2 prayers since I've been here. Legit prayers. We say so many!!! But I love it, and it's just the greatest thing ever. I did take some pictures, but haven't figured out how to load them on yet. So if I figure that out soon, I'll send em. But I'm so excited to get to Alaska! I'll admit, sometimes can be a wee bit tough or discouraging. But those moments don't last long and before I know it, I'm laughing with sis Watts or our district, our I'm planning a lesson and just get so excited. Seriously, the other day we were planning, and I just wanted to shout with joy. I get so excited when I think about sharing this message with the people of Alaska! And that's what keeps me going.
Ok, last thing. I WANT LETTERS. Dear elder is super fast and we get it the same day. Our district leader checks it twice a day, so like send as much as you want! Seriously. you're bored one day, write me a letter. You have a spare 10 minutes, write me a letter. You see someone walking up the street not doing anything, tell them to write me a letter. For reals, tell everyone you know and their dog. I love mail!!!
Keep the prayers comin though, I seriously feel them. I know that I've only been as happy as I am because of them. Here's a little thought to leave you with. 2nd nephi 31:20-21. The doctrine of Christ is our purpose as missionaries. Through that is the only way to bring others to Christ. But it's a continual process. We never stop trying to come closer, and becoming more like him. It's the only way to eternal life, don't forget that! 
So much love for all my little Sweeties,
Sister Dall :) 

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