Sunday, September 14, 2014

Expecting Miracles

Alrighty folks, week 12! 
Possibly my last week in beautiful Juneau. 
I may cry. 

Transfer calls are on Friday and I am freaking out. I can't sleep or eat and I'm a horrible stress mess. But it is what it is. So yes, the last couple weeks were very hard. BUT, here's the testimony builder. The Lord tries our faith and then rewards us. And He promises to always reward us. And we found that out this week! 

Sister Morrison and I were at the end of the rope, just so done with having no work. But miracles happen. On Friday the Elders told us they were going to the state archive building to help out so we tagged along and ended up staying for about 3 hours. It was actually pretty fun and we all bonded. We were sorting through old death certificates, and one said the cause of death was floating out on an iceberg while hunting seal and he fell in the water and drowned/froze. Only in Alaska.

Then we had an early dinner and ended up meeting with a very less active couple that were excited to see us, showed us all over their garden and work-in-progress kitchen remodel, where I was able to tell them about our experience with that and now they love us. So that took awhile and was a miracle. The Lord filled up our day! The next day we had a service project up in the mountains, clearing out an old trail that was overgrown. It was pouring rain the whole time but was actually really fun. It was with the elders and some YSA peeps. We were soaking wet by the end, but turns out hacking down a rainforest is actually fun! We also got to look through an old gold mine museum up there, and I was in heaven. I'm obsessed with museums! 

Then our district started this thing where on Saturday nights we all meet up and go visit one or two families from each ward and sing to them. Our Saturday night caroling. Everyone we visit really loves it and it's always a mini miracle that we show up to that particular house. So the Lord filled up that day too. And yesterday was the best of all! We had 4 investigators at church and 4 less actives, such a miracle!!! I literally couldn't stop grinning for all 3 hours, I was so happy! We also had dinner with the greatest member missionary family yesterday, and they invited a less active family that we were able to have a lesson with. That's what it's all about! 

So basically, yes we had a hard couple of weeks, but the Lord was testing our faith and had something very good in store for us. Prayer works, and the Lord is definitely hastening His work! 

Oh hey. We went over for dinner at the Rosenbruch's house this week and I saw the Dall sheep on the wall and knew I had to take a picture with it.

I pray for you everyday and miss you a lot! Keep up being great missionaries and looking for opportunities everyday. President Eyring said: "You hold in your hands, the happiness of more people than you can imagine" Remember to expect miracles!!!!! 

Love, Sister Dall 

p.s also, you might have the wrong address written down or something because I haven't been getting all your hand written letters.... weird  

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