Sunday, September 28, 2014


Alright, this week was a wee bit cray cray. Me & Sister Morrison flew to anchorage on tuesday, and I flew out on wednesday. Man it was SO good to see other missionaries! I have been stuck around the same 5 for 3 months. And I got to see all my little mtc friends!!! I was SO happy. Not to mention that a general authority taught us all day, so basically I was in heaven. 

Reunited at zone conference with Sister Watts and Odgen

And I picked up my new comp, Sister Lind!!! Oh my word. So here's the thing. I didn't think I would ever get along with anyone as well as I did with Sister Watts, and then I got Sister Morrison. I never thought I would get along with someone as well as Sister Morrison, and now I have sister Lind!! She is a hoot and a holler, we are already best friends! She's from Montana, so a country girl, but we totally have the same sense of humor and we are ALWAYS laughing. I think sometimes we have too much fun... But we've been together for less than a week and I already know this will be a great transfer. 

It's a little different because I know everyone and the area and stuff, and have to take the lead a little. But it feels so great that I know everyone and that everyone knows me. I loved church yesterday because I love being able to walk up to anyone and talk to them and feel comfortable around them. We also had the dedication for the new chapel last night and it was super cool, once in a lifetime type thing. 

We had a miracle the other day. So we were doing our Saturday night Caroling to less actives, and I had the idea to go see our less active Liz. (the one who's alcohol we dumped out). We sang her a song and she totally started crying. Then I asked her if there was anything we could do for her, and she said "sisters, I'm glad you brought the elders because I need a blessing." Dude that's so huge for Liz to be asking for a blessing!!! So of course right away our new District Leader elder Harris steps up to give her a blessing. The spirit was booming and the blessing was perfect for her. She's going to Anchorage for 3 weeks for training for a new job so she's nervous. Anywho, it was super super cool, and miracles happen! 

Ok, I'm running out of time. But the other day I was just thinking how cool it is to be a missionary. I have such an added measure of confidence with this name tag on, and I love it. I can walk up to any person and start talking to them, and it's no big deal. People can ask me questions about our religion and I can answer it. I am a representative of Jesus Christ and His Spirit is always with me when I'm being obedient. It's experiences like the one we had with Liz that make all the hard times so worth it. There is no better thing ever, I'm convinced of it. I decided I'll just be a missionary forever. 

SO I hope you all have the best week, and remember that as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, you are also representatives of Jesus Christ. You have the calling to share His gospel, this good news that we have, with everyone around us. It's not fair to keep it all to ourselves!! Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Dall

Jealous of my life? 

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