Monday, December 1, 2014

Fairbanks and All Our Investigators

Hey hey there! 

Man I can't believe there's only one more week of the Transfer! That's right, we get transfer calls on thursday!!! And I'm not stressed! I'm 99.9% sure that Sister Johnstun and I are staying at least another transfer, so that's good. She and I get along better and better everyday! 

Ok, so I realized I don't think I've really filled you all in on our investigators here so I'm gonna take a minute to do that.

First, we have Kaley Curry. She's 9 and her family is less active, and her dad is not a member. We teach her every monday night because her mom wants her to get baptized and wants the family to get more active. Kaley is super smart and has a ton of great questions. She really thinks about what we teach and really wants to know everything. The lessons have been going awesome, and the whole family is making HUGE progress. Even the dad who's not really interested, sits through all the lessons and participates! So we'll probably be baptizing her soon :D 

Then we have Dyllon Dalton. We've only met with them a couple times, but they took us out to dinner last week! They like us! He is golden and really wants to know all about the church and they want to get their family active again. (it's just him, his wife Ashley and the 1 year old Maycee) But we love them so so much and can't wait to see his progress!
Next is Rachel, who was the member referral. We've still only met with her once, but she's super busy. She really liked what we shared with her, and wants us to come back. So we're still trying to get in with her, but I think she's gonna be a great investigator. 

The Hiland boys are next, Tyler who's 10 and Hunter who is 8. Their Mom April is less active and has been since she was baptized at about 18. They are super smart and love everything we teach. It was awesome, last week we were teaching about prophets and they asked if maybe there was a prophet on the earth today. Why yes, yes there is! They got so excited! Then we were teaching them how Christ set up his church when he was on the earth and they asked if it might still be on the earth today. Hmmmm YES!!!! Oh man it was so cool! So we invited them to church, but alas they didn't come. :( But we'll keep working with them! 

The last one is Denise. She's been meeting with Missionaries for awhile. She has a lot of health problems so we can't see her regularly. But she believes everything we teach and loves it all. The only thing is she isn't sure the Book of Mormon is true. However, she says she's praying about it, and has been for a couple months, and she's not giving up. So that's awesome, we just gotta help her along a little! 

It finally snowed this week. A lot. So we are in a beautiful winter wonderland! The snow here is awesome, I love it! It's like Styrofoam or something. Super dry and light. In the morning instead of scraping the snow and ice off the windshield, we just blow. So fun! 

Thanksgiving was pretty fun. We had 3 dinners. THREE. I've never eaten so much food. One was with an active family the Kurpakus's who are like our parents here and take such good care of us, the second was with the Curry family! And the third was with the Birkholz! I love them so so much, it was great! So it was a success, minus the fact that I weigh like a million more pounds.... 

Ok so for District meeting this week, sister Johnstun and I were asked to train on Gratitude. So we had everyone write down something they were grateful for, and put it in a bag. And we played reverse Charades!!! I hope you have all played that, or find time to soon, because I can honestly say I have never had so much fun, or laughed so hard. The whole group acts things out, and one person guesses. It was hysterical!! The best part was, sister Johnstun wrote down that she was grateful for me, (little sweetie) and i happened to be the one guessing. So just imagine all the elders pretending to be sister Dall. They were all flipping their hair, and trying to be ballerinas, and standing in first position, and doing my little things like that and I died laughing. I wish I had it on film, best thing ever!!! Anyways, yep that happened. 

Highlight of the week: I found a member who makes CAFE RIO!!!! And not just any home-made cafe rio, this was the real deal!!!! I seriously thought I was eating the real thing. It was fantastic!!!!!!! I was so so happy :) 

Have you all heard about He is the gift?? It's the coolest thing! Just like Because of Him, that the church did for Easters. So the missionaries all have a bunch of pass-along cards we can use for it, and we're keeping track of how many referrals and stuff like that that we get from it. So I hope you're all spreading the word and telling everyone and their dog about it! SO cool! 

Alright, sorry this was a bit long. But I am happy and things are going well. I can't believe it's almost Christmas, where did the time go??? Oh and we reached an all-time low this week, -15. NEGATIVE FIFTEEN!!! 

Let us all press on.

Hey, I love you all and am ever so grateful for you. Remember to live in Thanksgiving Daily, and to expect miracles!!

Love, Sister Dall 

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