Sunday, November 30, 2014

Coal for daysssss

Well this week was pretty normal, but great! 

We went to Nenana on Wednesday for the first time so that was pretty sweet. It's about an hours drive south of Fairbanks. The drive was so pretty, and it was like 34 degrees there! SO WARM! We met with a couple people the last sisters were working with, just kinda got to know the area. But it is super cool and I'm excited to work more with them all. 

On Saturday we did a service project, shoveling coal for a member. We had to move 7.5 tons of it from the front, to a shed in the back. Boy am I sore!! We all got covered head to toe in coal dust, and I think I have the black lung from breathing in so much. Plus, my hair totally froze and I could break off little tiny pieces!! The Elders thought it was the coolest thing ever haha. 

I also got the best package from the young women!! I almost cried it made me so happy. Letters from the laurals and leaders plus a super cute scarf. So tell them thank you thank you!! 

Miracles for the week, we met with the Daltons again, and he totally accepted to take the lessons!!!!! NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!! It's a Christmas miracle. We are so so excited because they are just the coolest and it's going to be the best. Oh drama for the week too. 

We actually still haven't had anymore snow, since the first snow in September. But I'm fine with that. It sure is getting colder and darker here. It gets light around 9 am and gets dark around 4 pm, and it's quickly declining. The other day it was -6 and stayed in the negatives all day. I'm told by thanksgiving it'll be about -20. Speaking of Thanksgiving, woo hoo best holiday!!! I hope you are all taking the time to remember what you're thankful for, and why. We are all so incredibly blessed, and I love this time we get to take each year to be grateful! So keep on keeping on, and don't forget to expect miracles!!! 

I love you all and am ever so grateful for you!
Love, Sister Dall :)


  1. Hi, what's the kind of watch you're wearing? I'm looking for one like that

    1. Hi! The watch is a women's Timex inidglo WR 30M. I think you can just get them at target, or probably online somewhere. :)