Sunday, December 28, 2014

Twas right before Christmas...

Sorry, this is gonna be super short. 

This week went by SO FAST. If just flew. But we saw so many miracles! And everytime we see one, Sister Johnstun and I both say 'it's a Christmas miracle!'. ahah it's fun.

So President flew up here this week, for interviews. I love that man, he's so cool. Our interview was great, and he just made me feel so good! And it's always good to see sister Robinson. 

We met a lady at the post office this week, and got talking to her. She said she writes christian books, and told us to stop by her house to get a free one. So, we did! We were excited to see if maybe we could get a new investigator out of her. But... quite the opposite. She ended up just arguing with us the whole time. She told US what WE believe, because she's researched our religion. She was saying the craziest things ever. But we just sat there and let her say what she wanted, so it didn't turn into a bible bash. But I wanted to fight so badly!! It was one of those lessons though, where you just feel the spirit leave the room. But, after the lesson, I just had the best feeling of how I was so glad I have the knowledge I have, and how we don't have to worry or wonder, because we know! It was great, even though it wasn't the best lesson.

NORTHERN LIGHT ACTION. Yes, I totally saw the real deal, finally!!!!! I don't have time to include pics, but I saw them. It was breathtaking!!! 

Ok, I'm outta time, but I will see you (via Skype) on thursday!!!! I love you all an insane amount and can't wait to see you on Christmas! Take the time to really remember the reason for the season, and to be grateful for what we have. Sorry it's so short!
John 3:16

Love youuuuu!
Love, Sister Dall

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